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The Temple of Set gets its name from the Egyptian God, Set, ancestor of our modern Satan and it is nowadays considered as a religious movement. The worship of Set dates back at least until 3200 BC. At times, Set was adored as the representation of individual consciousness and the dark forces of nature (thunder, violence,...). Set was supposed to have killed his brother Osiris.

The worship of Set has been reintroduced in our western civilization by Michael Aquino, ancient adept of the the Church of Satan Michael Aquino created the Temple of Set, the second great satanic organization. It commends a black esoterism and focus
mainly on individualism and self-consciousness.

Michael Aquino wrote "The Book of Coming Forth by Night", supposedly with help from Set himself, declaring the need for a religion fulfilling individual potential through the black arts.
The Temple of Set traces its origin to the dawn of civilization where the human race for the fist time developed a sense of self-consciousness that places humanity apart from and above all other knowns forms of life. Humankind reacted to this development in two ways. Some were afraid to express their self-consciousness and others welcomed it. The first ones wanted to remain in a "state of nature", the second ones wanted to dominate the forces of nature exercising their "will to power".

According Michael Aquino, Satanism is based on two principes:

 that the individual human being is a free agent who stands apart from the non-conscious forces of natures,

 and that this fact is so frightening that a lot of people have "demonized it".
("Letter to Joe Abrams", dec.-2000)

Since 1975, the Temple of Set has been established in California (website : as a non-profit church and has been receiving both state and federal recognition and tax exemption. This recognizion from the state seems to refute the negative report of Mrs Francq, Journalist, who wrote
on April 2005, in the newspaper: "The world of religions", that this cult was spiritually close to nazism.

On Oct. 15th 2005, a French catholic priest, interrogated by the french media, Europe 1, revealed , that a group of priests, named "The Legionaries of Christ", specialized in exorcism and satanism, has been specially created for fighting against the increase of satanists.

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