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The world of Magic either white or black has always fascinated men greatly.

Cooperating with the forces of nature, witches or wizards received in return the capacity to control considerable energies and to achieve wonders which ignited imaginary and reinforced the myths of wizards, witches, sorcerers and wiccan.

At one time, one designated as witch a sour old women with chins and knees welded by the age, with thearched back, walking onto a stick, the hollow eye, toothless, the gullied face, with agitated members, wandering in the streets. During centuries, all those who answered these criteria were wrongfully tracked, pursuited for heresy and burned alive.

As for the famous "Witches of Salem" in the States, they were victims of human madness. Paradoxically, a lot of women had been qualified of witches because they were too tempting -some kind of dangerous "temptresses"- because to beautifull. And so they underwent an identical fate for their beauty because of the fear or the revenge of some men or the jealousy of some women.

Witchcraft, Sorcery, wicca are the names that the Catholic Church gave to the survivals of old pagan worships.

If these old pagan worships and traditions remain synonymous of absolute evil still nowadays, it is because of the libelous interpretation of religion.

Our modern world is the result of the predominance of the church on the natural aspect of the man, an aspect which has never been linking to something devilish.

With the passing of the centuries, one realizes that the histeric phenomenon of "witches hunting" which generated in a pagan mass extermination around the world was only a story built entirely by the Church.

Our world of today is erected above these sad remains.

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