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Haunting is from all times and every civilization has their ghosts. Men saw ghosts even before the concept and the idea of the double or the soul and the continuation of life
after death.

Skeptics think it is a matter of panics, hallucinations, obsessions, autosuggestion, daydreams, false interpretations of natural phenomena or quite simply, a question of lies.The spiritualists assert that haunting is a manifestation of dead souls. Somes souls need to come into contact with the alives and for this, they are searching for services of people having supernatural faculties that
we call medium.

Parapsychologists and metapsychists for their part try to study haunting scientifically. They use the unknown forces coming from the human body, the subconscious ou unconscious of some human beings.
It is the case of the famous Rhine Research Center affiliated to the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

And so, it is the case of an old mansion which currently defrays the chronicle with its haunting, so much that even the FBI moved to investigate.

And so, at NEW YORK, in october 2008, FBI has investigated in a real haunted house : all the characteristics of the Haunted House are set with all the characteristics of the traditional background for playing an horror movie but it is not an horror movie, it is true.

It is about an old mansion of Victorian-style based on Staten Island erected around 1885 on a secluded hilltop by a prosperous German bricklayer named Balthasar Kreischer.The house burned in the 1930s and the remaining home is now known as the Kreischer mansion. A no-trespassing sign is staked near the locked metal gates, and the stately grounds are covered in thistles. Neighbours said that they saw strange happenings, noises and sounds late at night and dozens of horrible tales are told. It has been said that things go bump in the night.

For ending the spooking picture, till 2005, a caretaker was living upstairs whose name is Joseph Young and who is living at the present time in jail for several charges, including murder.

Indeed, two years ago, federal investigators discovered that the Kreischer mansion was in reality a mafia slaying site : the remains of human beings have been found in the basement furnace and from now on, investigators are searching for more corpses into the garden.

But till these recent news, the Kreischer old mansion, always had bad reputation:

After building his house, Balthasar Kreischer died in 1886.
A few years later, his brick factory burned which was rebuilt by the son.
Then, in 1894, Edward Kreischer shot himself in the head at the factory.
Since this time, people claimed to hear his wife crying at the mansion amongst the ghosts.
The rare visitors told they saw her.
By 1899, the final member of the family had retired and the once-thriving business passed out of the family and closed. After passing hands over the years, the mansion became a restaurant and fell into disrepair..
A decade ago, Ohio developer Isaac Yomtovian bought the house for changing it in conventions and seminars site... and the story of the old mansion is going on... again.

Why a house could have so negative waves till centuries? It remains a complete mystery... till today.
A thing is sure, man is far, far away to discover all the secrecies of universe and initially of his own nature.
These mysteries exceed us and the people who pretend to ignore them or to organize them,
contribute too often to make the mystery greater. For all the scientists and skeptics who want to find a rational explanation for all things, I tell that we cannot explain all, and that sometimes it is good to admit the abysses of our ignorance.

At terrificator’s, we know that and as HALLOWEEN approachs, my Dear Little Creatures, if you are living near Staten Island and want something creepy, I recommend you to go around the Kreischer Mansion.
It seems new because it has been restored and painted but it is going on waiting... for a new horrible story.

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