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In the 70’s, entertainment companies grabed the myth of zombies for promoting spectacular horror movies at cheap costs.

Far beyond this merchand idea, be sure that zombies have existed and go on existing.

This word comes from the Congolese "nzambi" which is the translation for spirit.

The zombie presents apparently the same livid paleness as a dead. On the contrary of the vampire, it seems to remain dumb, unconscious and without any will.

It takes its origin in the black magic and voodoo cult of Haiti. Indeed, the Zombie is created by the Bokor, who is a voodoo wizard, mastering black magic.

This Master in black magic seems able to transform anybody into zombie.

The creation of the zombie passes by the poisoning of the victim with the powder zombie.
It is a special mixture composed mainly with a toxin obtained from the fish-swell, fish appreciated by Asian people, well-known to be toxic if it is badly prepared for cooking.

The mixture is mainly fatal and those who do not die suddently fall into coma: body is paralyzed, heart slows down, skin becomes cold and yellowish.

The person being supposed died, the doctor gives her agreement for the burial and he is buried normaly by crying family.
A few days after, in the greatest secrecy, the bokor, is used to perform the exhumation of the person newly buried.
He gives him even a powerful drug called the "cucumber of zombie". If the revived man survives, he becomes victim of cerebral and physical attacks seeming to the effects of an overdose.

Historically, much of zombies finished sold to plantations.

In the 80’s, the most serious italian newspaper "La Domenica del Corriere" made an article of 2 pages with photos acknowledging the existence of zombies.

In the Antilla, the police force picked up a man half-mad, emaciated and deprived of will. This man should have died completely if he had not been recovered by the police forces because having his brain seriously damaged. An examination allowed to detect that he had all the characteristics of a zombie poisonning. His bits of remembering confirmed he has been made prisoner during a long time by men who him fed as a dog giving orders to him in order he serves as a slave.

The comments of the reporter was that this event, if rare, was rather current and admitted by the local people.

It can be asserted so, that Zombies are well consistent, for the great displeasure of those ones who believe always that it is only a myth for frightening children.

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