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It exist three kinds of magic: Operational Magic, Ceremonial Magic and... Witchcraft. Fairy tales are used to describe the witch as a perfidious old woman with big nose and hooked nails personalizing an ugly and malicious character.

During many centuries, witchcraft has been a fertile ground for many mystifications: flying, invisibility, murdering from a distance, controlling devils and spirits... They are antiquated myths but tough, primarily related to the disappeared art of shamanism.

Witchcraft is mainly a ritual science whose aims are practical. It makes use of all materials, living beings, invisible forces... which possess an energy available and usable. It exploits together magnetism, fluids, tellurism and the sum of canalized energies of several persons or groups.

Witchcraft is not unreligious, it is simply rejected by religious authorities (specially when is "black" or "satanist") because they do not admit that non-religious people make them competition. There are two kinds of witchcraft: one called "white" and the other "black" (i.e. satanist or using means condemned by moral and authorized religions). For some sorcerers, white and black magic do not exist because there is only an unic science including several and different arts, some ones described as black as necromancy, reprehensible because using human corpses. Regarding satanist witchcraft, it goes on to be condemned and criticized not for calling for and using devilish entities but because it uses religious forces in a hijack way for material and practical purposes rejecting obviously all instituted sacraments.

But Witchcraft does not belong only to civil people. In the Middle Age, into the Christian church, the Bible and psalms were handled like magic texts, medals representing saints were treated as amulets, relics replaced fetishes and representations of God supplanted idols. By driving out the devils, exorcists used biblical psalms and quotes. The sign of cross, the sprinkling of holly water and the imposition of the host were used to move away malignant spirits. The witchcraft performed by priests was particularly critical. Even somes popes as Gerbert d’Aurillac who became Sylvestre II (999-1003) was reputed for using witchcraft.

From a moral point of view, witches and wizards believe that God created all men equal in front of him and consequently, they consider all the means for communicating with the divine as independent from the different religious currents. But witchcraft uses the divine only for a small part of their operations because any ritual uses above all a great part of human magnetism together with tellurism.

A witch or a wizard use mainly telluric forces that they amplify with some particular ritual. These operations act in a powerfull way on the human psychism of the patient who consult them and it is this action, which is used by witches and wizards. It explains why the choice of the place for the rituals is so important. And if some accidents occur during a ritual is above all because of a lack in controlling the forces generated and a lack of suggestion too, and not, as superstitious ones believe, because of the anger of the gods.

Used with wisdom, witchcraft is a practical and benefit science.

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