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One can hardly evoke the devils with safety without being surrounded by a circle which guarantees against their attack, because their first movement would be to grab you if you have no protection. Here is one on the subject read into the Grimoire of Pope Honorius:

"The circles have to be made with coal brandon, blessed water sprinkled or with some wood of the blessed cross. When they are created and the folowing words : "Jesus autem transiens in medium illorum ibat, et verbum caro factum est" writen around the circle, one will thrown the blessed water saying the following prayer:

"Lord, one calls for your virtue. Lord, confirms this work. That what is operated into us becomes as some dust meeting the wind; and when the angel of the Lord is stopping, so that darkness disappears; and when the angel of the Lord is always going on, so Alpha, Omega, Ely, Elohe, Elohim, Zébahot, Elion, Saday. Here is the lion which is the conqueror of the tribe of Juda, root of David. I will open the book and its seven signs. I saw Satan as a light falling from the sky. It is you who gave us the power to destroy under your feet the dragoons, the scorpions and your enemies: nothing will harm you, not even Eloy, Eloym, Elohe, Zébahot, Elio, Esarchie, Adonay, Jah, Tétragrammaton, Saday."

"The world and all its inhabitants belong to the Lord because he created it on the seas; and he prepared it on the rivers. Who is the one who will go up on the mountains of the Lord? or who is the one who he not welcome in his saint place. The innocent of one hand and with a pure heart who has not received his soul unnecessarily, and did not sweared cheating to others, this one will receive the divine mercy for his salvation. It is of the generation of those who seek it."

"Princes, open your doors; open the doors of eternity, and the glorious king will come. Who is this king of glory? The lord powerfull, Lord conqueror in the fight. Princes open your doors, raise the eternal doors. Who is this king of glory? the Lord powerfull; this Lord is the Lord of glory. Glorioa patri, et filio, et spiritui sancto."

One recites then another formula of conjuration and the spirits appear.

The Grand Grimoire adds than when entering into the circle, you will bring on you no impure metal but only a coin of gold or silver to throw to the spirit. One ranges this coin into a white papier with no writing, one throws it to the spirit to impeed it to harm; and when the spirit is bending down, one recites the spell. The Red Dragoon recommends the same precautions.

One has now to tell about the circles that witches create for their dances during the Sabbath. One shows some ones again in the country; that are called circles of Sabbath or circles of fairies because one believes that fairies designed magic circles during their dances at the moonlight. Sometimes they have seven or eight toise (6 1/2 ft) of diameter, and contain a peeled grass around of one foot of width and a green grass in the center. Sometimes also, the whole center is arid and desiccated and the surrounded edge has green grass. Jessorp and Walker in their "Philosophic Transactions" said this phenomena is due to the thunder. They gave as reason that it was generally after the storms that these circles appear. Other scientists claimed that these circles were the work of the ants because these insects were often found in multitude there.

Still today such arid places are always considered as the circles of the Sabbath, and also in certain areas, the traces left on the grass by the swirls of the winds and the furrows of the lightning go on passing for the rests of the dances of the fairies and a lot of people still approach them with terror.

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