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Shaked by the tsunamis of the XXIst century, nuclear fision vibrations which allow the mankind to go into the material nature, genetical progress which allows to act on the living, sexual liberation which delete the deadly sins, revolutions and counter-revolution which allow men to change sides without respite, deafened and disoriented by the ceaseless hertzian and satellite waves air impregnation, radio, tv, mobile, electromagnetic waves more and more important... Satan... that christian writers of the Middle-Age described as throning into the airs... should have to die!

For some persons and the most unexpected ones of all his pursuers, the american police, Satan is really alive.

In the last part of the XXth century, Larry Jones, policeman of the Idaho, published a periodical letter named "File 18 Newsletter" and wrote:

When they face murderers directed and controled by supernatural, harmfull human beings, philosophies and principles, the traditional tools of the police are powerless. If a policeman is in front of the Prince of Darkness or his teams, he needs to have near him a "satan plague", also he has to possess all the armours and sacred help available... The christian policemen are the ones who are the well prepared for being the spearhead of the fight against the satanic murders."

For a part of the american police, the word of "satanists" (i.e.Satan’s adorators), understand the members of families who have been practising secretly, since generations, their worship, stealing babies in nurseries, murdering and kidnapping and violating.

According experts in satanic worships, secret and international networks, very well organized, hierarchically structured, are responsible for fifty thousands murders per year around the world. A great number of babies are specially educated by satanic families for ritual murders. According the reports of the police, the murderers are convinced their murders should release primal forces which should "enrich" the energy of the murderers. The police reports confirm so the reality of the famous movie of R.Polanski: "Rosemary’ Baby".

(Robert D. Hicks, In Pursuit of Satan - The Police and the Occult, Prometheus Books, Buffalo, New York, 1991)

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