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Today, in our modern world, where the god television and his admirers, the newsmen, practise each day the washing of our brains, there is again an unexplored world full of incredible weird which
is accessible to everybody: the communication with the world of the deads or the science of spiritism!

Newsmen, scientists and churchmen are very hostile and criticize a lot spiritism which is this science for entering in communication with the deads.

This hostility probably finds its roots in the ancestral fear of the deads which marked all cultures and which was at the origin of funeral rituals most complex. Death is by definition impure, it is taboo and consequently dangerous.

All things that refer to death are maintained under narrow monitoring of intellectual elites. The Bible prescribed to the Hebrews who had to deal with corpses the greatest insulation and rigorous purifications.
In Egypt, the district of the momificators was isolated from the city.
The Aryan peoples placed stones above the corpses by fear that they returned to importune them.

At the origin, more than pain, more than love, it was the fear that induced the worship of deads.

The only intermediary with the Great Beyond was the necromancian, the intrepid chief, the black magician, the admiror of the devil which were presented as hero or man out of the commun run.

Such a heritage does not make easy the access to a science and an art which if it is correctly used does not present anything dangerous or impure.

To communicate in a spontaneous way with the great beyond is not a easy thing but is accessible to everybody. Spiritism is the science for communicating with the deads. It is not like the high magic which is reserved to the initiates. It is a doctrine accessible to all.

Spiritism is not a science for the religious devots or the good people for asylum. And to my knowledge, presently, I never was informed of divine punishments received by the alives who tried to communicate with the deads.

Soft and nice spiritism is never corrupted and is only an invitation made to the great beyond. It is limited to open a way so that any entity which wishes to arise can do it easily. There is no violence in the evocation, one cannot force a spirit to appear against its will.
It is necessary to test, to agree and wait.

The man who wants to make spiritism must know problems, private pain and has to appreciate or love the dead he want to talk. Simplicity is also the necessary condition to communicate with the dead.

A little time after his death, the soul of the human being or at least some rests of its being, of its thought, gives up the corpse but do not die entirely. These sparks of humanity are used to go to a new dimension, named as the great beyond, characterized or determined by the faith which had supported it during its life when he was alive: it is the nirvana for the Buddhist, a honey and milk garden for the Mahometan, a garden of flowers for the ancient Greek.

These sparks of thought are attracted by our memories, in particular if the human being died recently, and so, it comes attracted by the desire of the alives. It can then turn over to the world, appear, communicate by the intermediary of our dreams, our thoughts or the body of a medium.

If you want to communicate with the deads, you can try alone or join other people who share the same feeling and try together to communicate. The communication and reception will be better. Simply make a circle stretching your hands together... and ask for the dead you want to talk sincerely...

My advice: let your heart talk spontenaously and sincerely... be sure, now or later... they will come into your life...

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