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June 15th, 2022 - Alphonse Constant Louis (1810-1875), for a lot of people, this name means nothing. But if I say that it was the birth christian name of Eliphas Levi, note kabbalist and wizard, it is more evocative. Till two hundred years now, famous characters in occultism and satanism go on asserting he is their mentor and groups and individuals go on still today to take him as reference in their works and/or rituals.

With the reading of his work, one sees Eliphas Levi has been inspired by the book "Abramelin the magus", written probably during the XVIe century by an hebrew author and re-examined by a christian high priest of which this author was the familiar. It tells mainly about the angels and devils science, how to call and revoke them.

In 1853, Levi visited England, where he met Edward Bulwer-Lytton, who was a novelist but also the president of a Rosicrucian order.

One year after, in 1854, he wrote his famous « Transcendental Magic, its Doctrine and Ritual » and became famous. He is generally admitted he remained independent of freemasonry. He wrote mainly about antic magic dogmas and rituals. His works are a compromise between religion and philosophy, he met a great success during his lifetime and remains still today a great character for all the occultists.

According his opinion, since men and religious rituals exist, dogmas have the same fundamentals: there are always the same antic myths at the basis of all human believes (either atheist or religious ones). : « ... there are found indications of a doctrine which is everywhere the same and everywhere carefully concealed. ».

The representation of Baphomet he designed and which is represented in the first pages of his work made scandal at his time.

One sees there an hybrid human being having:

 the head, horns and legs of a goat,

 the chest of a woman,

 large wings with feathers open in the back,

 a caduceus and a shield are posed on its knees,

 a star in the shape of a pentagram decorates its face,

 a blazing sceptre is posed between its two horns,

 on the right-hand man is written « solve » and on the left arm is written: « coagula »,

 its right-hand points towards the sky and blesses a clear crescent of the moon,

 its left arm points to the bottom and blesses a black crescent of the moon,

 he sat on a terrestrial sphere on which is written: Eliphas Levi DEL,

This incredible character can appear for people of little culture as the representation of a monster or worse for the Christians, of a true representation of the devil.

Truth is simpler, in fact this character is the digest of the old disappeared worships (or going to exist in secret):

 The god Pan, in the Greek mythology, was half man, half goat, it was associated with nature and shepherds.

 The top of the stripped female body implies the female element in the center of any thing: the old worship of the goddess mothers Gaïa and Ge.

 The caduceus posed on its knees is the symbol of the god Hermes in the Greek mythology.

 The wings point out the antique power of the Assyrians and the Babylonians gods, also that one of the antic Egypt like the goddesses mothers as Isis, Hathor and Nout.

 The pentagram is the graphic symbol of the microcosm (the Natural man) and of the hexagram (the seal of Solomon) used in the Kabbalah.

 The blazing torch represents the carrier of the lights also named Lucifer representing the human intelligence who does not need a God or a King for progressing (refer to my news abou "Lucifer worship").

 The latin words "solve" and "coagula" (dissolution/evaporation): these words calls for alchemy science and the great work.

 The black and white moon: the opposite and the complementarity existing in all things -so tangled up- which create harmony (Yin and Yang, top and bottom, light and shade, white and black, female and male) .

 The creature sits on the world: he dominates the world but also makes part of it. He represents the man but also the sum of all his worships.

 Eliphas Levi is the kabbalistic translation of Alphonse Constant Louis.

And so, the old indo-european, assyrian, egyptian, greek, roman, celt, merovingian... worships proceeded from the same believes and antic rituals which influenced greatly our evolution. The transmission of these worships which was at the origin mainly oral, became voluntary assimilated and transformed by the civilian and religious powers in place being rewritted according their convenience. With the passing of the years, merged new complete worships with misc. lithurgies which divided out the original kingdoms for creating fragmented nations with parcelled memories, but their fundamentals remain inchanged..

In fact, this hybrid representation of Baphomed tells us more about men evolution than the representation of a devilish creature. It remains abovall as the complete description of the deep nature of the man teaching about the fundamentals which are at the basis of the origins of humanity and civilizations.

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