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Dec-8th, 2022 - From now on, the black masses have replaced the Sabbaths which were very frequent till the Middle Ages (read our report about The Times for Sabbaths). Indeed, little by little people turned away from pagan practices witch took place in the open air, primarily to avoid denunciations which inevitably involved tortures, torments and stake. And so a class of population that one will describe as wealthy and intellectual gradually turned towards some strange habits they practised in closed and secret places: the black masses.

Mister de La Reynie, Louis XIV’s police lieutenant, left memorable reports about black masses and specially about those of the so-called "La Voisin", fortune teller, notorious poisoner, manufacturer of love potions who counted among her famous customers, the no less so famous Mrs. de Montespan, mistress of the French king. There were generally human sacrifices, black candles made with grease of hung person, nude women used as human altar, incests and orgies accompanied by real priests and abbots who were used to officiate during the night against the current of the Christian masses.

Today, the black masses have changed a lot and they are not anymore associated to crimes and perversion. They are the fact of established religious organizations which are registered and pays taxes (see our report about The church of Satan).

They are rather a sexual form of freedom in front of human societies more and more ordered and repressive and are inspired mainly by the profanation of the leading religion more than the surpassing of moral taboos.

The black mass is a parody of the liturgical sacrifice, a mass in a reversed way, with formulas in a reversed way, black hosts made of turnip, with a priest who has renounced to his vows and who officiates with the help of his naked mistress and has sexual relations with her during the mass.

The participants arrive at midnight, the hour of Sabbath, time when the sun is at its lower point and where the power of the moon and Satan are to their peak

The ceremony generally takes place in an arranged basement. The walls are tightened with black fabric. The altar is two steps high and is composed of a black stone table, in lava generally. Sometimes this table is made in ebony wood, decorated with obscenes drawings. On the ground, painted or in mosaics, there is always a black cross adorned with christian symbols. Another black cross, much more important, upside down (i.e. reversed) dominates the altar.

The assistants who have undressed themselves before, sat on cushions laid out on the ground. On one side there are men, and on the other women, or men and women are mixed together, but no more in alternation as it was made in the past centuries.The black candles are manufactured in wax with various ingredients and perfumes incorporated. There is no more grease of hung persons. The liturgical objects are authentic.

The priest entirely naked under his church clothes enters into the room. A woman, generally her partner lays naked on the altar, with hanging legs. The priest can be assisted of two male servants

The mass starts. The priest reads prayers till consecration. One cuts the throat of a goat and its blood is used for sprinkling. The symbol of the goat is close to the phallic divinities who incarnate a wild and fertilizing sexuality. There is an analogy with Dionysos, the Greek god of drunkenness and frantic ecstasy.

The officiating priest consecrates the host. He consecrates then the contents of the chalice after having thrown some powders there. He takes the hosts, consecrate them and put a piece of host into the sex of the woman who lays on the altar. Then he gives the communion to the participants. The mass goes on with imprecations.

During the ceremony, men and women approach together for becoming closer, then stroking each other. When the officiating priest feels that the participants are gasping, so he mates with the woman on the altar. In case he is too old, one of his servants replaces him for consuming the work of flesh. The second servant lights off and the carnal communion begins in the darkness among the participants.

After a time, ventilators are switched on for aeration. Participants recover their mind, dress again and go out for taking the course of their life till... the next mass

Altogether, the black mass is more a sexual communion in opposition to the spiritual communion of the christian one

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