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Oct.-23, 2011 - Here are some news so horrible which are perfect to share between friends for Halloween, crouching down around a campfire at midnight...

In the past, at the time of the the mythic ruthless Old West, when you were a lonesome cowboy, in the days when banks were attacked regularly, it was good to put your whole fortune into your mouth implanting gold teeth. Unfortunately, it did not prevent looters from
extracting your teeth while you were dead, even still alive. It was the hard law of the Wild West.

Historically, robbers of deads always exist, but from now on, with the price of gold which soars again and again because of the crisis, this sinister practice seems nowaday perfectly legal!

Indeed, thanks to the advancement of medicine, more and more screws, nails, plates, implants (hips, knees), teeth etc... are implanted into human bodies. A lot of these elements consist of rare and/or precious metals (titanium, gold, silver...), which were once buried in cemeteries together with the deads.

When writing your will or when a family entrusts a dead body to a funeral organizer, they should in principle also be concerned with the prostheses equipping the body, especially if the implants are made of precious metal such as gold teeth. Indeed, for some embalmers or preparers of corpses, preparing a corpse can be a true aubaine: one can tear off in all impunity the gold teeth, incise a finger which brings an alliance, and the rigor mortis making his work, during the late public exposure of the dead, nobody among the family and friends will try to open the mouth of the dead for checking if he has all his teeth or if under the lace jacket hiding a great part of the body a piece of finger with the alliance is missing. And so, the job of embalmer for unscrupulous people can be a way to get rich quickly especially with the gold rush at present due to the ounce of gold which reaches astronomical prices. Scandals already existed in the past where some undertakers robbed human bones, replacing them by pipe parts in the coffins for selling them to unscrupulous organs providers.

But from now on, there is a very lucrative profession where you can strip the corpses with impunity: the so named cremation. Cremation is a process that involves burning at high temperatures the corpses and their coffins for giving finally to the families a sealed ballot box where lie the ashes of the deads. Because crematoria are operating unceasingly, it was legislated in Europe about the pollutants residues emitted because of their negative impacts on the environment (the chimneys of the furnaces reject gas and produce toxic waste because of the combustion of bodies and coffins which generate dust and toxic fumes such as carbon dioxide, dioxins or mercury).

But that does not prevent the request of the crematist associations to militate for such funeral rites for the great profit of someones. Thus, in spite of the imposed constraints, this trade is very profitable and certain employees can be rich in all impunity.

More and more people are carrying prostheses and it is not uncommon that deads keep their alliances because fingers become puffy when you get old and they cannot be removed anymore without cutting the phalanges. Thanks to the operation of cremation, all things are easier for metal recovery because most metals such as gold are melted and therefore easily recoverable because solidified after the furnaces have cooled down...

The gold teeth are normally destined to disappear into the urns that became proprietary of the families but in fact these precious remains are never given to the families of the deads, for the great benefit of someones.

And so, in Germany, in March 2010, were tried three employees of a crematorium who had stolen the gold crowns of at least 600 deads. They gathered and earned at least EUR 50,000 between 2005 and July 2007 for collecting 12 kilos of gold. A real manna! Each looter spent part of his working hours searching through the mortuary ashes to recover the precious metal selling in turn to different receivers, before sharing together the jackpot. But the German court acquitted the thieves because it could not be proved by the families that a real prejudice existed for the deads and that the dishonest employees of the creamatorium had really "disturbed the peace of the deads." At most, they will have a tax adjustment for unreported income. In Germany, this event created a great scandal because yearly it is about 2,000 corpses which are burned in the crematorium of Hof. As a consequence the controls have been reinforced in the german crematoria.

In France, some funeral homes simply announce that they call for special collectors for recycling the metals recovered from the deads and that a special tax is due normally to the income services. Hum?!
In fact, there is no way to check that there is no deshonest enrichment for someones.

On another hand but still about teeth, you have to know it is no good to travel in some African countries, bringing silver or gold denture. Thus, in 2009, in the city of Marka, the Somalian Islamist group Al Shabaab was used to extract under constrain silver and gold teeth of people for providing funding for their party .

TV news do not speak voluntarily of all these horrors from another age which scare right thinking persons but which make part nevertheless of the daily life. Welcome in the true world, my little creatures! At’s, we know that there is an hidden reality that is worse than your worst nightmare

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