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August 31st, 2013 - Today, our title is deliberately sensationalist. We’ll talk about the modernity of the Devil.

When we want to talk about the devil, we are tempted by theology: God must have his symmetrical, otherwise humanity will assign him all misfortunes. This is a right example of inductive reasoning. But if the Church continues to believe on Evil, one sees that the secular world, carrying the illusion of progress and modernity, goes on also believing and fighting against him.

The stakes, the inquisitors of the Middle Ages have changed names. Modernity makes that evil (Satan) is no more an evil villain but now a group of individuals or a country or a group of nations.

In February 1945, the Liberators of Evil (then Nazism), met at Yalta for concluding the famous agreements of Yalta for determining the fate of Europe after the defeat of the Third Reich and ensuring so the stability of the new world order after the victory. At the time, the most important people in the world: Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin were sitting side by side.This agreement brought an end to six million deads in the Nazi camps.

On what basis the West preferred Stalin and the CPSU to Hiltler and the Third Reich? Surely, Soviet deads were less eloquent at this time but they also existed. Gulags were well worth concentration camps. If we have to engage an infamous calculation, do the sixteen million deads of the USSR weigh lighter than the six million ones of the Nazi camps? But at Yalta, no one wanted to believe it, or believe it? Other interests were: sharing of the World between the biggest western ones with definition of the worldwide Territories.

In the 80s, Ronald Reagan, the 40th president of the USA, publicly described the Soviet Union as an "evil empire" and supported anti-communist movements around the world for fighting against. During several dozen years, it was the Cold War between the USSR and the USA and even now but in a more insidious way.

Also, Ronald Reagan and Ruhollah Khomeini, the supreme religious leader in Iran, treated each other of Empires of Evil. At his time, for integrist Islamists USA symbolized the "Great Satan" and France, the "Little Satan."

In March 2003, George W. Bush, the 43rd U.S. President, appointed Iraqi President Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti as evil and led the Iraq War with the help of Britain. This was the Third World War, also known as the Gulf War.

Now, for the Al-Qaeda Islamic movement, the West has become evil to combat by all means, and for the Western countries, Al-Qaeda is become the absolute evil to kill.

Today, it is Syria that has become evil to kill and the Great and Little Satan are going valiantly at war for defending the people of Syria from its dictator President, Bachar el-Assad.

The reality is quite different: under the guise of humanity, the U.S. wants to increase their influence in the Middle East to the detriment of Russia as they are losing ground since the Iraq War which has not brought the wanted stability to the Iraqis.

Saudi Arabia is an ally of the USA and Israel too.
There are U.S. military bases in Iraq and Turkey.
Georgia is supported by the U.S. to get rid of Russian influence.
USA stands currently in Iraq.
In Egypt, destabilization is already there...
Surely Lebanon will result destabilized with intestine wars and refugees.
Then, there are Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia...
and with the lost of the satellites countries belt in the Middle East,
finally, the destabilization of the hereditary enemy, Russia.

In that new war that is preparing, Turkey will provide the military bases and France marine logistics. The strong French figure of President Chirac had the courage to refuse to engage France in the Gulf War but not President François Holland who is weakened in his country and in lost of economic and politic credibility, he has to engage in the war for ensuring his credibility and so all this last week, he asserts he will commits France in the War near the USA. In fact, it is for asserting the warrior dominance of France and slowing so, the French economic decline announced and already acted... A sort of golden shield for a final honor barout.

When France has recently intervened in Mali to defend the people who called for it, it was also for protecting the interests of the French nuclear company Areva which has interests in Mali.

No war is innocent and its start is never humanist, humanity serving only as justification.

USA and France, The Great and Little Satan so decried at a time by some Islamic fundamentalists are now called for help by those who wanted once to fight against them.

We locates Satan where we want to find him.
Since 1945, the Devil became an alibi for geo-political strategies and economics maneuvers.

The new war for a new sharing of the world can begin.
Destabilization will come for writing again new frontiers and barriers between people.
The Devil / Evil has a bright future before him.
It bears the illusion of modernity.

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