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Oct. 30th, 2015 - Melancholy figure in a glossy color, the White Lady is a victim of fate. Perhaps is she rather a great sinner condemned to expiate. She is used to appear preferably to aristocrats for announcing death. Evolving in an astral plane, dead but not yet freed from her earthly illusions, she would fight against her final annihilation causing so phenomena of haunting.

On July 22nd, 1832, a famous white lady appeared to the son of Napoleon 1st, nicknamed "L’Aiglon", who lay dying at the Schoenbrunn Castle in the presence of the members of the Habsburg family in Austria. In a groan, he cried : "The white lady, white lady ... Ich gehe unter!"

This is not the first time a white lady appeared for predicting death. She appeared before witnesses in September 1558 at the death of Charles V.

She also appeared often to the family of Habsburg. Marie-Louise of Habsburg - Lorraine (1791 - 1847) said that in 1807 a White Lady had appeared for the death of her mother, Maria Theresa of the Two Sicilies, wife of Francis II, Emperor of Germany (1792-1806) and Austria.

On September 9, 1898, she manifests Elizabeth of Wittelsbach, Empress of Austria-Hungary. The next day, the Empress who was called the "Empress Sisi" was stabbed to death in Geneva, in front of Hotel Beaurivage. Long before dying, Sisi had indicated to her servants all the dates of appearance of white ladies who each have prelude to a family disaster: 1621, 1740, 1809, 1866 ...

It’s not just in the Habsburg family that White Ladies are appearing, in the Hohenzollern family, too. "Figure hieratic. Silent. Almost transparent ... ". This is how is described the Hohenzollern hereditary ghost who appeared for the first time in 1486 at the death of Albert Achilles, the Fox of Germany, Great Elector of Brandenburg. And since that date, the White Lady returns regularly to announce the death of a member of the lineage.

In 1840, Frederick William II said he saw the White Lady: on June 7 he died.

But the White Ladies, if they are generally related to aristocracy, are not the preserve of royal ethnicities. Indeed, a lot of noble families have one, all in relation to a land or a Celtic atmosphere. Ireland is by excellence the country of White Ladies. One best known is located in the Kilcos castle, in Limerich County. It thus appeared to the family Coplen Langford in 1889 and in 1914 and regularly, deaths followed in the family. A famous white lady is also known to appear at the castle of Wickmow.

Some families have recognized the dead woman who haunt them. For the Coplen Langlord, she is Gertrude, sister of the first Viscount of Doneraille who married Williams Langford and had sworn to watch over her descendants and to appear every time that one of them would be in agony.

In the Hohenzollern family, she is Anna Sydow, favorite of Joachim II or again, Agnes von Orlamund Countess of Swabian origin who lived in the Plassembourg castle.

In Hungary, the Löcse white lady symbolizes the protection of the Magyar land. She appears every time the country is threatened by invasion and loss of integrity. Some locals say she appeared recently because of the arrival of thousands of migrants who flock to the hungarian border.

In France, the myth of the White Lady is found in the evocative tales. All Grail legends refer to the Guinevere entity whose name means "white lady". The Knights Hospitallers, the Teutonic ones and the Templars, all of them had their Guinevere they called "Whiteflower".

Is the White Lady the product of a collective unconscious? Is she born of thought and desire of the family or of some ethnic groups to which she belongs? Is she thus a mental creation? Or does she belong to a surreal world, living an artificial life parallel to ours?

All descriptions around Europe are the same : fluid shape, transparent as a being of crystal. It is reminiscent of the etheric body of occultists and her existence was verified by... Russian researchers from the University of Kirlow. Indeed, they confirmed the existence around every living organism of an energy field named "Bioplasma" and similar to the "prana" of the Hindus. This clean field should double our physical body as an invisible twin, affecting an identical shape and participating to the vital functions. As such, this bioplasma corresponds to the description of White Ladies.

One objection, however, valid for all the ghosts. They manifest after clinical death. Now, it is assumed that the bioplasmic body, if it survives during some times to the physical one, nevertheless follows the same biological processes: it decays gradually.

So, we should therefore assume that it exists a refill, thanks to which the ghostly form would persist. In the case of the White Ladies, this refill would be ensured by the ethnicity. In summary, because noble ethnicity is feeding the spectra latent life of their ancestors galleries, it creates a chain of generations. And as a consequence, a telepathic contact would stay permanently for linking the members of a same family beyond space and time, allowing so the survival of the double of a model adopted by the collective unconscious.

This theory joins the laws of quantum mechanics saying the bioplasmic matter can be identified with a vibration system...

Terrificator has already mentioned several times vibration phenomena (read my previous report about PHYSICS CHEMISTRY AND SUPERNATURAL) and can only praise the physics researchers which go in the same direction.

Welcome in the’s world!

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