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June 6, 2015 - Does hell exist ? All religions, except in Oceania describe an horrible place, underground, where the deads undergo the Worst punishments for sins committed while they were alive. Hell is always described in opposition to paradise where all is peace, honey and love.

In a previous article we discussed about the peoples of Oceania which, far from the image of "savages" built by the western colonizers saw the evil not as an immaterial and demonic place but as "wrong things" that is to say diseases and disasters. In this, pragmatic peoples of Oceania had demonstrated their superiority over the colonizers (see my previous report about A place where the devil does not exist).

If we refer to history, the representation of a burning and sulfur stinking hell comes in part from the ancient Ge-hinnom place in Jerusalem, which was the valley of sacrifice and later a burning garbage. This gave Gehenna in the Bible and Dschehenna in the Koran. In the ancient Mexico the underground world of Mixtan was a kind of hell. In Japan, the king of hell, Emma-o, inflicted torments to the damned. In the Taoist chinese tradition, there are infernal deities and so on... On the contrary, somes, as Abud Yzid Bistami (804 - 874 A.D.), Persian Sufi mystic refused the idea of an eternal damnation...

Should we believe in hell? Should we accept this paradigm ?

The description of cruelties inflicted on the damned in hell with luxury details should already tell us about the answer.

Hell was actually built to fill the need for justice that every human being carries inside him. The imagination of the hell where the damned undergo terrible and eternal punishments has been built to meet the hope that all injustices on earth cannot remained unpunished. "Don’t do that because you will go to hell!" or "You’re damned, one day you will go to hell!"...

This is a fact that Hell (the punishment) and Paradise (the reward) were built to support social rules and participated actively in the erection of the states and civilizations.

The current events prove us right. It will be seen with the recent events in Iraq and Syria that the promise of the eternal reward with access to the paradise, is creating fiercer warriors among the believers than among the unbelievers...

But do hell and damnation not already exist in the terrestrial life before being located in the great beyond ? In fact eternal damnation stays in the deadly look of the others before being in yourself.

Happiness is on land before being in heaven. It is to us to grasp and believe in the catalog of paradigms offered to build a better world. Here is the real intelligence and so difficult is the choice. Beware of pre-built views of the world offered for a better life because prebuilt images of happiness are rarely true.

* Accepting paradigms without understanding them...
* Denying self-esteem by fear of judgment...
* Accepting a yoke by fear of difference

... is in fact accepting that one day you become your own damned and meet hell on earth by overdose of renunciations and humiliations ...

At’s, we know every day that reality is worse than your worst nightmare.

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