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Today appears an odd and worrying phenomenon. Very young people often self-proclaiming satanists, are devoting themselves to rituals dangerous both for their spirit and their physical integrity. The "black masses" of our ancestors of the Middle Age performed in front of a reversed crucifix" are making place to ceremonies which can go until the ritual rape and the human sacrifice. Also, the number of profaned tombs of our cemeteries testify of this madness.

And so, in this month of November 2007, in WEST MEMPHIS (Arkansas), took place the trial of 3 young people known as the "West Memphis Three". In 1993, they have been arrested as teens and convicted of a triple killing with occult overtones. Indeed, in spring 1993, three 8-year-old boys were found murdered in a drainage ditch not far from their homes. Their hands and feet were tied. They have been killed after being sexual abused and mutilated. Three teenagers: Echols, who was 18 at the time, Jessie Misskelley, then 17, and Jason Baldwin, then 16 were arrested and charged.

It is wise to recall to teens that satanism is for some people a serious belief and religion far away from the sulfurous worship that Christians allot it to excuse their own fear for assuming sexual phantasms.

The origin of the current of modern Satanism is mainly due to Anton Szandor LaVey.
In 1966, LaVey declared year 1 of the era of satanism. April 30 (Walpurgisnacht) LaVey created the Church "Church of Satan", and in 1969, he wrote the first Satanic Bible.
In 1975, Micheal Aquino disciple of LaVey, decided to leave "Church of Satan" and create his own organization: Temple of Set. This new organization is considered today not as satanist, but as para-satanist.

Fundamental principles of satanists are:

 God was created by men.

 Paradise and hell do not exist.

 Satan is not a being, it is a force of nature.

 Rituals consisting in killing humans or animals are prohibited.

The satanic most important feasts are:

1. Your own birthday (most important);
2. Walpurgisnacht (April 30);
3. Halloween (October 31);
4. Solstice of June and December;
5. Equinox of March and September.

- in theory, Satanists do not celebrate "black mass" (because it is still a parody of the catholic religion). They prefer a ceremony which proceeds according to the following decorum: satanist brought black dresses and carry a symbol. There are candles (white and black) which symbolize the fundamental beliefs of the satanists together with pagan symbols as bell, medals, sword, wine, phallus... The languages used during the ritual are the vernacular language (English), Enochien, Hebrew and Latin.

It is sad to note that unculture and misknowledge can be a push-to-crime for poor-mind people.

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