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Scandal in Europe during this first quarter 2013 , food manufacturers have found that beef sold in England was made of Romanian horse meat. An investigation is underway by the Health Services who showed a great fraud in all the European countries.

Without erecting it as a general rule, it seems to be a correlation between people who eat meat with excess and the gradual decline of their nation and civilization of which they are the heirs.

For example, let us consider the Westerners who are great eaters of beef (France 27 kg per year per inhabitant; Sweden 23 kg, 43 kg Luxembourg ...), together with the French Polynesians (41 kg per year per inhabitant), North Americans Argentina (55 kg), Australia (43 kg) who each had in the past a great cultural and economic influence in the part of the world where they are located.

And yet, at this beginning of April, these countries which are among the few biggest beef eaters in the world, well, they are facing or begin to face difficulties that herald the beginning of a decline when it is not already started.

It is as if the beef eaters who search for force into the beef, produce the opposite effect. However, red meat is expected given strength and energy? (do not they say : “strong as an ox”?). What could be wrong ?

It is a fact that human population eating more and more meat and less fruit and vegetables are becoming more and more ill (cholesterol and cancer risks) but also exacerbates a worldwilde pollution (ground and air) due to and increasing trade and profit-seeking. So, from a medical and ecologic point of view, we have an obvious first explanation. And yet, nothing hinders meat eaters.

The second explanation is more diffuse and will be irrational for any scientist but we, at terrificator’s, we love this.

Today, are beef eaters knowing that they eat in their plate the representative of an ancient deity who accompanied man since the dawn of humanity ?

Indeed, in the Neolithic, the bull was associated with the figure of the "mother goddess" (in Catal Huyuk in Turkey, in Mureybet in the Middle East and in the ancient India). According to an Indian myth, the melting ice gave birth to the original cow Audhumbla which had itself formed Buri, the male ancester of humanity. Later, the bull became a complete god who embodied the dynamics of fertility and nature: there were the worship of Apis and Hap, the worship of Canaan (Ball and Anat or Astarte), the worship of the golden calf… In the book of Enoch, the father of Methuselah told about humanity who is both the wife and the daughter of the Supreme Lord, in the guise of a divine bull. In Greece, Zeus metamorphosed often into a bull and even, Minos, the legendary king of Crete, was considered as the the son of Zeus-Bull and the cow Europe. In India, the bull is the emblem of the god Indra and is also the mount of Shiva.

On the other hand, ox is the patient servant and the representative of peaceful forces and is why in the past, it was highly respected as a sacrificial animal. In the ancient China, it was considered immoral to eat the meat of an animal that helps to plow the land. In the Christian world, in the company of ass, the ox warmed the messiah who was born in a stable in Bethlehem.

The ancient deities so bad called "false gods" by the new main religions seem dead and very well buried today. But are they really? Because, the curse seems to have begun for the beef-eaters.

In the beef-eaters’countries, the ancient cattle deity no longer exists an there is less and less plowing linking the man to the ground, ox is becoming only beef, a sum of living muscles killed in battery for finishing as a chewing industrial meat. This is a mistake, and the revenge of the old forgotten god seems to have started ... in the plate. The curse of the beef-eaters is the menace of a cultural and economic decline which seems already at their doors…

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