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March 8, 2011 - Arab magic is very different from western one. According jewish and christian refererences, there is a white magic and a black magic, the first one dedicates to good and the second one to evil. In the arab magic, one does not tell about good and evil but about defensive witchcraft and offensive one. The first one for protection and the second one for obtaining what one wishes. The steps are slighly different according you are a man or a woman.

As for every magic, the arab one needs a specific material. But here, it is not necessary neither altar nor an occultum nor precious and rare objects, only some usual objects found in the kitchen or at an ironmongery’s. They are: a mortar with a porcelain rammer, a kneader, spoons and ladles in wood, benzoin and coriander, beeswax, clay, stone of alum, a censer, a comb…

The ones who are called devils by the christians are called geniuses by the kabbalists. They are precious allies in magic and it is important to know them if one wants to evoke them. There are seven kinds of devils which have a common character to possess the legs of a hen and who never eat salt. These devils follow a sultan called David whose vizier are called Yacoub Ben Youssef. You have to call the introducer El-Hem Daouï when you want to speak to them.

The human protection is ensured by a familiar spirit called “kdhim”. To know your kdhim, you have to burn tobacco, cardamone, henné, cinnamon and copal and once the kdhim is identified by the form of the smoke, it is locked up in a small box that only his legitimates owner will have the right to touch. There is the khdim Chitani that you call for bad actions such burglary, crimes and murders and the khdim Rbani that is used only for good works.

Every day has its own devil : Moudab for Sunday, Marrata bent Al-Arit for Monday, Maadin el-Hamr for Tuesday, Bourkam el-Yaoudi for Wednesday, Sam Haros for Thursday, Meimoun el-Bioud for Friday and Maimoun el-Gnaoui for Saturday.

They are the devils Meimoun-el-Cthaf, Meimoun el-Siiaf and Bourkam who inform those who want to know the future. Setan or Shaitane who gave Satan for the christians is not a devil, it is a kind of angel who has the role of testing men and who makes the marriages undirectly. Sidna Azraïn or Sidna Azraïn is the angel of death. The djinns for their part are familiar devils which live in our world with men: they are the angels of water and earth. The devils can take the appearance of phantoms, familiar animals and also babies or children crying. They permanently seek to test the human beings but some devils or she-devils can fall in love with them. The human beings who will get this chance will be lucky for all their life under the condition that they marry the devil fallen in love.

The ritual of the comb:
One of ritual most used and simplest to practise is that of the comb. A hair comb or a comb to card is used. With fabrics, you make him a turban and one clothes it such a man. The comb becomes thus the support of Baba Sheik which will be put in front of a plate of couscous because this spirit is supposed to nourish itself. One hour after it is supposed to have eaten its fill, it will be laid down on your bed and you will go to bed also. The answers to your questions will express in your dreams. It is important not to sleep on the back, but on the right-side and the dreams to be taken into account are those of the morning, never those of before midnight.

Although Islam prohibits the recourse to magic, it is often that traditions and religion mix themselves and magic invocations exist which are authorized by Islam and which are resulting from Coran, Sunna or from the hadiths of Bukhari. These invocations are made to be used every day and do not offend nor Allah or the djinns. They ensure a daily protection against calamities and bad fortune. They thank Allah and his greatness in all circumstances:

* when you awake :« Praise be in Allah which makes us live after having made us die, resurrection will be done towards Him. »
* when you gets dressed : « Praise be in Allah who dressed me with such a cloth and who granted it to me without any power, nor force from me. »
* when you leave home :« In name of Allah, I give myself entirely to Allah, there is only force or power through Allah.

and so on..., when you return at home, in the evening, before to sleep, against insomnia, against anguish, against fear at night, against great sadness, when you fear authority, for discharging your debts, againts misfortune, when you visit a weak person, when you go on to visit a grave, for the new moon, before eating and after eating, before undertaking a travel, for fate consultation, when you hear a dog at night, against your enemies, for pushing back the tricks of some stubborn demons…

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