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The word of "SATAN" comes from the arab word "CHITAN" which means simply: devil.

On the contrary of luciferism, satanism is antichristian : it’s explained the symbol of the reversed cross and the myth of the Antichrist.
Satanism can be looked upon as a rationalist form which considers Satan as a higher state of
consciousness by which human beings release their religious inhibitions and morals.
Nowadays, very often, it is related to indecent sex and orgies practises, sometimes with sacrilege profanation and demonstrations, which want to be the showing of a total freedom.
The practise of satanism is old. It had its hour of glory at the end of the Middle Age.

It takes root mainly in the reports left by the inquisitors. Inquisitors were abbots who were in charge of torturing people in name of God.
This sad period reported thousands and thousands of victims and deads in the name of the Saint Inquisition.
The inquisitors who performed the worst tortures had interest that Satan existed really.
The reports left by them described a "Satan" taking the appearance of a goat, a monkey, a dog and sometimes of a man.
All the descriptions at this period pictured "Satan" as a devil seeming to the antic greek god: Pan, and linked to sexual depravations.

Here is a description of the "Devilish Universe" of Roland Villeneuve:
"He has a virile sex, extremely hard and black, so large that I endured great pain ; the approaches of Satan are painful, cold like freezes then extreme like fire; the sex of the devil is made with scales like a fish... the member of the devil, if it were extended, would be long 1m82... it has the shape of a snake... the devil has the sex of a mule... the devil has the sex made of horn... and so on..."
No devilries in these comments, only the fantasies of delirious creatures tortured in lack of love and sex!!!... and there are thousands of reports written in the same way... And so, satanism was performed by poor wizards or wretch necromancians into the campaigns, servants of blind forces, who try to handle it. Sometimes, satanism was also performed by some abbots avid of indecent sexual acts who profaned crowned things, pitifully .
We can report the case of the Abbot Guibourg (1603-1683) who practised black masses at the court of the French King Louis XIV and who had famous noble adepts.

Dr Freud pointed out that the enormous sex of "Satan" traduced above all a sexual preoccupation with the sordit aspects of the life and that this phenomenom had played an important role in Inquisition.
Indeed, during the Middle Age in Europe, making sex was highly condemned by the Church and it existed a true sexual repression. Sexual freedom did not exist. The Inquisition repression climbed to summits.

Thanks to its horrible exactions, Inquisition allowed the acknowledge of Satanist acts.

The result of this "hunting of witches" has been the birth and the spreading of satanism.

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