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Feb. 09, 2014 - We have entered the third millennium and many people seem convinced that thanks to the remarkable advances in technology, most scientific, philosophical and social issues have found a definitive answer or at least enough to be able to say that our time is greater than those of the past and even it can overcome the laws of nature.

Yet it is easy to understand that this is only an illusion: whatever the time, including ours, science, philosophy and the social together with economic development are limited in time. In a few decades, many current scientific findings will be considered obsolete. Current solutions regarding the most complex problems will be challenged and it is feared that the serious urgence of the ecological, demographic and economic situation requires the most carefree people to question themselves about the supposed superiority of our modern knowledge and sapience.

What defines the modern knowledge?

 Today’s man described the material dimension that surrounds him like a big mechanical system governed by immutable laws.

 Today’s man establishes fundamental differences between the various manifestations of nature, human beings in general and awareness of each individual.

 Modern knowledge denies that there is another dimension of a spiritual type that could interact with the physical one.
In conclusion, modern knowledge is used to create a series of universes that can be correlated only physically.

What defines the "old knowledge"?

 For the ancient man, the physical and the spiritual are correlated.

 For the ancient man, nature, man and the individual consciousness are associated at various levels.
In conclusion, for the ancient knowledge, everything is alive, from the plant to the stone and the animal and everything is subjected to a spiritual dimension able to change the course of events.
The masterful work of Agrippa von Nettesheim (Heinrich Cornelius) is a correct approach of this theory. In his work, he treated about elements, their report, correspondences and influences ... He was denounced and persecuted at his time for having disclosed "too much science". And unfortunately thereafter, simplification of his heritage and transformation into "recipes" led to consider the old knowledge as a collection of spells, superstitions, quackeries and empirical beliefs.

At what time stood the ancient knowledge? where does it come from?

The people of ancient Egype would be the heir of a more ancient knowledge, a "great science" known and transmitted before men begin to degenerate. Over time, this knowledge would have been transmitted and understood by some priests only to a few insiders through codifications (hermetic symbols). This great science explained the origin of man and the universe as well as technologies now lost
or partially rediscovered.

Ancient traditions are reporting this time before the existence of the Nile delta that is to say before the Nile has carted hitherto billions of tons of silt that now form the delta. However, we now know that the Sphinx is in reality more older than previously dated. It is proved today that several parts of its body do not have the same age and that somes are really more older and were submitted to sustainable water erosion at their period. This theory is from now confirmed by many historians and archaeologists during recent international symphosiums.

How was lost the ancient knowledge?

Our contemporary civilization of western influence, mainly physical and materialistic, not having kept in touch with a spirituality that would have "softened" it, has moved away from the original essence of knowledge and sapience. It has also lost the historical and cultural references necessary to study, analyze and understand it. In addition, the mode of elitist transmission of the old knowledge through the ages participated in it disappearance. Schools of Pythagoras indeed distinguished two ones:

 One (innermost) esoteric knowledge reserved for the followers

 And an exoteric one (outermost) summarizing a number of ethical rules and behavior for most of the people.
This division in the knowledge transmission dates from the time of the ancient Egypt whose Pythagorean circles were the heirs.

Which today boasts of being the guardian of the "ancient knowledge"?

There are many sects, religious orders and Freemasons that fought through the centuries, each claiming to hold the universal ancient sapience. Discretion, wisdom and caution in the transmission of information are the qualities that distinguish the most serious. Unfortunately, none has the "truth" as a worm was introduced into some fruits and somes now boast of doing and undoing "kings" (prominent figures) wishing to impose their own vision and development of the society and the world. In France, by example, many politicians, intellectuals, lawyers and all kinds of characters of influence from different origins are affiliated with the Masonic Lodge of the Grand Orient of France, whose reflection meetings have become -since President Mitterand- some political and social antechambers which work as lobby before the Chamber of Deputies, in order to change the society for its greater good.

The degeneration of man voluntarily maintained?

It seems that degeneration of man by the means of a materialist thought is voluntarily maintained by some elites to better identify themselves and ensuring a grip on the largest number guarantying so the permanence of their own power: "Give bread and games for people just they pacify, and consequently, we can submit them better," was the maxim of the ancient Rome ... reality more true than ever.

Gradually the men abandoned the world of ancient knowledge (too intuitive and too spiritual!) in favor of a society of mass information we can define as mercantile because diffusing a pre-digested if not oriented knowledge under the form of entertainment and well-being. And as Plato, we go on living into the darkness of a cavern on which loom some occasional shadows from a real life that our ignorance impeeds us to know.

"I have seen the dark universe yawning
"Where the black planets roll without aim-
"Where they roll in their horror unheeded,
"Without knowledge or lustre or name.

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