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July 1st, 2012 - Human mind likes vertigo mystery. Mystery is the abyss that attracts our curiosity constantly worried by its great depths. The field of mystery is an open field for the conquests of intelligence. Even if one walks boldly, never one will weaken its extend, but only succeed to change of backgrounds.

All knowledge is the dream of the impossible, and woe who doesn’t understand that for knowing perfectly something he has to resign to study for ever! Indeed, it is told that for learning, one has to forget several times. The world has always followed this method. All what concerns our world of today had been already fixed by the ancients: anterior to our annals, their solutions are written hieroglyphs and from now on have no more meaning for us.

Mysteries of other worlds, hidden forces, strange revelations, mysterious illnesses, exceptional powers, spirits, apparitions, magical paradoxes, hermetic arcana ... so many mysteries decrypted in the past... once lost ... being rediscovered and rewritten from centuries to centuries.

 The key of the numbers is that one of symbols, because symbols are the analog figures of harmony that comes from numbers.

 Sleep is an incomplete death, and death is a perfect sleep.

 The words interact on souls and souls react upon bodies.

 The men and things are magnetized by light like the sun.

 Devil is wandering or the sleep of intelligence. This is madness or lie.

 The human grows and increases thanks to activity.

 The human mind creates what it imagines.

Namely, daring, voulour, silence are the Kabbalistic four verbs that correspond to the four Tetragrammaton letters and the hieroglyphic forms of the Sphinx: Knowing is the human head, Daring, the claws of the lion, Willing the laborious flanks of the bull , Be silent the mystic wings of the eagle.

Really, all men of strong character are hypnotists and the universal agent obeys to their will. Thus they operate in Wonderland. They do believe in themselves, they have followers and when they say: "it is done as this", the nature changes somewhat in the eyes of the vulgar and becomes what the great man wants.

Thus, charlatanism, when successful, is in magic as in all things a great instrument of power. Betwitching cleverly the vulgar, it is a form of domination.

Joan of Arc was a magician at the head of the French army but she changed herself into a poor girl when arrested in Rouen city who knew only to pray when she was put in irons. Joan of Arc became a witch for everyone as soon as she ceased to be a magician and not only for the English but also for the French King and all her French followers when she was burned at stake.

When one is exercising a power seemingly superhuman, one has to exercise it for ever or to resign to die because once people believed too much, admired too much and were obedient too, they always avenge loosely.

Preserving one’s mind among the fools, faith among superstitions, dignity among weaken characters and independence among the sheep of Panurge, it is of all miracles, the rarest, the most beautifull but also the most difficult to do.

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