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D 17 May 2009     H 15:54     A terrificator     C 0 messages

May 17th, 2009 - It was after my installation in the house, 8 years ago, that I started to hear the strange and mysterious noises. A deaf shock, followed of another, a bearing evoking a gallop of feet in a hurry followed of a moaning similar to the sigh of the wind. The first time, I was scared but when it occurred for the second time, I was sitting into my armchair, close to the chimney fire and I think that it was the old house which cracked, or that they were the wind and the rain forces that disturbed the old beams.

This is why I was unaware of these strange noises, at least until... Until during this night, when the hurlor wind swept outside the noisy sheets of autumn and made beat the branches against the windows and I was obliged to tighten my jacket around my shoulders. At this point of time I had the sensation on my arm of the contact of an icy hand and as I forced my eyes to raise, I do not see anybody... One minute or two later, the sensation of cold vanished. Almost immediately, I known that these noises meant another thing. Something sinistre grounded in the house.

By informing me at the village, I learned that 50 years before, something horrible had occurred in the house... Two people had found an unjust death. The day after, I took a sad decision. On the following day, I would say to the agency that I want to sell my house that I have bought some months before.

This evening, I remained in thought in front of the chimney. While the first days of winter were arisen, I sought where I could again set me, my dressing gown buttoned to the collar in spite of the largely sufficient heat provided by the chimney. I fell asleep little by little, and suddently I became aware, very slowly, of a cold hand posed on mine and of a soft moaning. As soon I perfectly waked up and could seize in this moaning an understandable meaning.

I was surprised to discover me unable to remove my arm from the ice-cold hand. I remained amazed because I could understand and translate the murmured words: "please... do not sell the house... I want that you stay... for me, you are a friend... because I will not see you anymore...

I did not have nowhere to go, nobody to love and nobody who want to welcome me. From now on, during long interminable days, I sit myself close to the hearth and I wait... I wait. And nowaday, when I feel the contact of the icy hands, I feel happy and no more sad, because I know my ghost friends are close to me.

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