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D 10 March 2019     H 17:08     A terrificator     C 0 messages

March 10th, 2019 - Today, Terrificator will play the devil tempter. Do not laugh! Watching TV, listening to news, reading magazines, did you ever ask yourself: how did some people become famous? How did they get to this level? And why not me ?

For many athletes and actors, the answer is quite easy: hard work, talent associated or not with a great charisma! but what about politicians ? What made this one and not another acceding to a certain power ? how they made to stand out from the crowd when at the base they seemed to have no particular talent?

And that’s where the tempting devil comes in! Doing politics can not be improvised, it takes several years and you have to know the codes. Terrificator proposes to decode the most obvious ones.

Choose to study hard, then learn to join an association or union, or a sect as freemasons and go on working hard and waiting. Oh sure, no particular profile is defined, only it is necessary to be ambitious, depending on the persons you will meet.

Like a beautiful plant, they will watch you growing, help to find the good work at the right place requiring to be a loyal servant. If you are zealous and able, you will progressively climb the ladder and learn little by little how to crush your competitors in the manner of Machiavelli. In an infinite waltz, you will deny your allies and friends of a time and will worship your enemies of yesterday. Surrounded by courtiers and their sycophantic manners, you will become more and more confident and arrogant as you will evolve in prestigious circles and believing in you invincibility, inevitably you will make faults and mistakes as prevarication, adultery, consumption of narcotics, vices, miscellaneous and varied misdeeds...

And when you will come at the top, the devil tempter or his successor, such Mephistopheles, will knock at the door requiring the return of his investments. And indeed, nothing is free in politics. The devil or his friends has plenty of notebooks full of dark secrets. Depending on whether you decide to serve, your destiny will be made or defeated ... in a month, a year, in ten years ...

If you want to escape to devil, you have to be more Machiavellian than him, but beware this game is dangerous and you must have always, and for the rest of your life, one more dice than him.

If you want to stay at the top all along your career, protect yourself in the same manner, having also your "little notebook" full of dark secrets, keeping it in a safe place. The children’s game: "you put, I hold you by the goatee" is a game which is practiced all the life, especially in politics. And this is how influential personalities parading on the screens are either puppets or machiavellian beings.

At terrificator’s, we know every day that daily reality is worse than you worst nightmare.

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