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To guess is synonymous to predict the fate. This subject exists since the behavior of humanity exists.

There are those which have the gift for prediction, those which play comedy and those which pay to obtain it.

Having a feeling for a date, a disease, a dream, it is an common obsession to all places and all times. It is a possibility offered to the man but who carries in it seed of the doubt

If thus the future can be envisaged, that means that it already exists, that our life is predetermined and that the free will and the moral responsibility for the men do not make sense.
Only those which do not trust their own resources, the others and the cosmic law, suffer from a blind fear in face of destiny, other ones have a certain courage in facing the unknown.

The wildest enemies of divination deny it arguing that the divination practitioners really do not read into the future but read into the spirit of the consultant by telepathy. In this way, they can collect and predict what their interlocutors want really to intend to say.

Others are more skeptics still: they argue that extra-clearness is not a receptive vision of the future at all but that it is on the contrary a true factory for manufacturing future.
The fact of knowing by advance that somebody is predestined to a given event, would start obscure mechanisms which would make that the predicted event would end up being really carried out.
This psychological automatism exists it is true and in the field of the occcult, it is called mental magic. It is largely used for suggestion, constraint and subjection.

It is true also that often what somebody fears produces invevitably and that when one is waiting for an event, he attracts what he fears or wants.

But the events correctly predicted by people who practise sciences of the divination honestly, occur automatically, independently of any psychic suggestion, constraint or subjection.

The events predicted by good experts of divination are always carried out: it can occur sometimes after several months or even several years between the foreseen prediction and its realization, but it occurs inevitably.

Various sciences which consider the divination always use, more or less, instruments, objects, symbols that make part of the main values of people. Symbols, signs, prototypes who conduce them gently to this particular state of consciousness named "alpha state", where events can occur.

The divination is only spontaneous clearsightedness. But Without any supports, it is very difficult to predict in the awakening state. So why do you not use a set of tarots, a crystal ball or a transparent bottle filled with water, a cup of tea unwashed, a moulding of your own hand, a board of ouija...

Don’t think you are ridiculous, you have only to know that in each country, around the world, famous presidents are used to consult divination practitioners.

So, don’t hesitate and try to see if you are a buddy fortune-tellers ?

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