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It is during Middle Age that the believe in devils took consistency.

Naughty devils were used to take up corpses to revive them in order to make abominable things.

According the christian gospel, the explanation was clear: the aim of devils was to commit evil for the great glory of their master, Lucifer, the fallen angel.

They seem to exist for ever in Western cultural background. They are regarded by christians as destructive messengers.

They belong to several classes: the superior ones can take an human appearance, those of the inferior level, can only go into animals or objects.

They are represented ethereal, without any consistency. They escape to human perception but have to grab human beings for existing in our world. Their technic is to take over newly dead men. Once the preys are under control, they are obliged to commit terrible acts against their family and friends. The issue is always murders or suicide.

Under the human appearance, the devils are seductive, flatterer and adore duping human beings into doing something.

Their preys are often seductive men or women, full of energy, who are moving in fashionable circles.

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