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May 8th, 2012 - We do not seek the Devil by chance, nor anywhere, this one whose Councils of Lateran and Trent asserted that he had become bad because of personal choice and that it was him who had led man to sin.

For Christianity as for Judaism, there is a comosgony from the Genesis: God exists, He created the world and He is good. In the ancient times, he told to men to change their behavior and their social lives. On the opposite, there is Evil, governed by the Devil. One of the most visible evils is that one of sexuality that is representated by a Lecherous Evil. Such a bad spirit has be so eternal as ubiquitous and known in all parts of the world.

And so, the world being very old in the Pacific, it is a good place to look for the origins of evil... our Devil.

Yet there are some similarities between the gods of Europeans and the ones of Australians, for example with that one of the Gauls. Indeed, in many Australian tribes (Yumu, Pindupi, Pitjentara, Aranda) they represent a supernatural being standing in the Milky Way who is very beautiful having feet of dog and who is blonde. But he did not created mankind and is unconcerned by men. It is the divine god of the Arandas. The natives fear him but do not love him, their only fear is that the sky may fall on their head and kill them as for the Gauls.

But from one part of Oceania to another, there is no trace of a great and unic spirit of Evil, as our Satan, Beelzebub, Devil or another ... If the evil which is the agent for catastrophic illness, death and natural disasters exists in the Pacific, Polynesian or Melanesian religions, it is considered as the effect of occasional causes, not as a main power antagonist to one God.

In the Australian and Trobriand societies, there was no representation of a "sexual evil" except the taboos of incest (relation offending the structures of the tribe kinship) and certainly not that one of a lecherous devil. Masturbation, female ejaculation and male homosexuality, adultery and contraception had only social values and were coded so.

The Oceanian societies being numerically reduced and geographically contained (islands), peoples could only see Evil as a relative concept because accident, disease, famine, death usually affecting only a small number of persons at a time. The index of misfortune being low, the disasters of major epidemics which pilled the corpses in the Western (such as the Great Plague of London in 1665 which 100,000 deaths, the cholera in Paris in 1832 which 13,000 deaths ...) are unknown. In addition, the cultural variety being very poor in the past, Oceanian people did not experienced major literary concepts introduced by greek and roman theaters and later by printig works.

In Oceania, the notion of evil is therefore paltry in front ot the powers of life, sun, sea, vegetation, female fertility, livestock and ground. The power being restricted itself, there is also no memory of tyrants experienced by people but above all, social structures never gave rise to great political systems and major political systems being always associated with great religious ones, Oceania never knew centralized religions which are used to identify major social prohibitions to an evil genius. Livings were possibly persecuted by entities without ethical value that were easily driven out by the rituals of sorcerers.

When the first western navigators discovered Oceania, they conveyed back in their countries of origin the Myth of the Noble Savage. But these "savages" were not savages and they were not more good than bad. Even in a recent past, many of them were cannibals. But what felt our explorers was that they were ignorant of Evil, at least ours, dark, gratuitously bad, dirty, stupid and wicked ... that Westerners unfortunately exported ... for the greatest misfortune of the world.

At’s, we know every day that reality is worse than your worst nightmare.

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