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July 27, 2012 - Paracelsus (1493 - 1541) whose real name is Philip Aureolus Theophastrus Bombastus von Hohenheim, was born in an illustrious family of doctors in Switzerland. Still today, he is considered as one of the most famous magician after Cornelius Agrippa (1486-1535). Man of science and Doctor himself, the doctors of his time considered his work as extremely troublesome.

The particular attention he brought to the interaction of metals and vibrational flows with the human body left only light records in the memories: recipes maintained by sorcerers, marabouts and healers ... who forgot the original science for keeping only superstitions. One goes on bringing amulets around the necks which are supposed to give happiness, protection, love, healing ... All we can recall, in our circle of family or friends, an old person who had the habit of wearing a copper bracelet to relieve rheumatism ...but the causes and reasons are forgotten, that is to say, the important role of metals and astral impulses acting upon the life of all things in the world.

Thus the seals created by Paracelsus are composed mainly of metals prepared during special astrological conditions, that is to say when the influx of celestial bodies for each of the metals is the most important. He engraved on the seals symbols, signs, mathematical figures and words in different languages and alphabets. Today, one speculates that the metals in the fluid state (molten) possess memorizing characteristics able to store energy: the influence of the planets, however rather small, like gravity and light could be captured by the molten material and remained so trapped in the metal during the cooling process.

By multiplying the experiments, Paracelsus has been able to link the use of special metals, combined and prepared as he described, with specific diseases of the body and evaluated so their abilities to cure.

This should not surprise us, for example some seals of Paracelsus are used to treat brain problems. Placed at specific locations of the head, they may interact from an electric point of view with the low radiations and oscillatory electrochemical of the human cells, obtaining so positive results. But this concept reminds what happens with some oscillator circuits used today for protection against electromagnetic radiation from computers and mobile phones.

We may note that the figures and inscriptions on both sides of the seal contribute to the desired effect, through what are called waveforms coming from geometric shapes and letters of some alphabets (Hebrew). Indeed, the seals described in the works of Paracelsus are characterized by special designs and words or letters : the dowsing analysis of 113 seals has confirmed that it was a combination characterized by a strong emission of waveforms, carefully dosed able to act upon biological material.

As it happens still today with some oscillator circuits, the seals should not necessarily be worn around the neck: they must be applied on specific areas of the body at specific times of the day or the night, in special physical and mental determined conditions, and during special astral periods.

And so in the part of his work largely considered as negligible by many people, thanks to his genius, Paracelsus entered once the world of the physical vibration, the therapy of contact and distance thanks to the interaction of the electric subtle type, and this, a long time before our modern times.

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