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D 5 February 2022     H 22:28     A terrificator     C 0 messages

Sometimes, the weight of pain can be exhausting to bring, particularly if it is linked to old and bad records.

Of cause, we take benefit from bad records because they avoid us to make again the same errors.

But if you are used to remenber them throughout an entire life, in this case, you need psychological courage for getting rid of it.

Below, you will find a spell for releasing you of your pains.

Go to a river having clear and running water. Seat down on the bank and allow you to materialize your pains into the pebbles that are on the ground. Try to choose with care white pebbles and associate mentally each one to the particulary events that make you suffering: each pebble you have collected must represent a pain.

Seat down again with the pebbles into your hands. Open your arms, close the eyes and breath slowly during some minutes.

Then, one by another, throw each pebble into the current of the river, repeating with concentration, -for each pebble thrown-, the following words:

I release myself from my pains
And I give my blessing
And my understanding towards the ones
Who are suffering now.
I understand and I am gratefull
For what my pains have teached to me.

According the weight of your suffering, be free to repeat this spell weekly or monthly.

Your bad records will be not carried on but... the pain will be alleviated either suddently or little by little, depending the persons and the pains.