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June 14th, 2011 - Nowadays, it seems there are many sexual scandals where international politicians are involved : New York Republican Congressman Christopher Lee, Representative Anthony Weiner, Former head of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Prime Minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi... Sexual scandals always existed but it seems there is a particular recrudescence these times, perhaps because the disclosure of information is easier with the web.

Sexual scandals always existed but it seems there is a particular recrudescence these times, perhaps because the disclosure of information is easier with the web.

Plus men are culturated, plus their relation to sex became complex. Indeed, whatever men/women make sex with excess or only once a week or make abstinence, their relation to sex have always defined cultures, religions and civilizations…

Before assuring the perpetuation of the species by the descent, making sex mainly remains in all respects a relation of domination. But the way of considering how making sex has not been the same in all cultures.

At the origin, the worship of sexual love was a magic act, purely achieved, without any ulterior motive of vice and depravation. It changed the subject submitted to its law into the Master of good and evil. The blessed law of love governed not only the world but the whole universe.

We find this revelation mainly in Asia.

In India, according to the theory of yoga, they are the differences of the position of the subtle centers of the body which create the various kinds of beings. Each body of human or animal is built according to a diagram (Yantra) formed of the main centers or Chakras. By taking some particular studied positions, one can modify the relative position of the Chakras and form a new diagram. The duration of the position allows an harmony which influences our subtle perceptions till we come in contact with a new state or way of being. Coitus is thus divinized.

For western eyes, the Chinese prints of the Ming period appear pornographic. However for the "old sages" of Taoism, they condense the metaphysics of the concept of the YANG (male) and the YIN (female), therefore of wisdom and knowledge because according to Taoism, if the sex act is debilitating for the layperson, on the other hand it is vitalizing for the initiate.

Closer to us, we can tell about the magic theory of Paschal Berverley Randolph (1825-1875), founder of the Eulis Brotherhood (E.B.). At his times, he was the friend of Abraham Lincolm, General A.H. Hitchcock as well as the French magus, Eliphas Levi. He was convinced that making sex could not be done into an innocent way. He thus described the sexual positions to practise to release some particular forces intended to be useful into various magic operations. These positions for coïtus are described in his work "Magia Sexualis".

He created a brotherhood where he put into practice his teaching: "Sex is the main and fundamental force of any being, the most powerful force of nature, the most characteristic testimony of God… The arcanes of the sexual magic are joined together under the name of Mahi Kaligua, that-is to say the science of the old ages, because the generations who preceded us knew and cultivated them".

If made without any discernment, coïtus may turned over that one who makes it and induces so, sad consequences as furious madness, infarct, consumption, sudden death or ruin.

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