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Feb. 3rd, 2013 - Traditionally, the candle has accompanied the history of man, since he has the idea of mixing bees wax with animal fat into a mold with a passage for a wick.

Widely used in magic, candles can open parallel worlds because they act as fluidic capacitors. Depending on the color, different energies are released according the desired purposes:

 White: gives inspiration for solving problems. It is the color of study, spirituality, and help for clearsight and divination.

 Yellow: Promotes sentimental love. Aid in healing. Increases self-confidence, charm, luck, joy and happiness.

 Orange: attracts success, luck and prosperity. Provides social esteem and recognition.

 Red Orange: promotes sexual activity, boosts energy, strength. Support to friendships.

 Intense Red: increases sensuality, protects against an enemy or rival, increases desire and gives courage.

 Purple: for contacting the spirit world. Helps to be informed about important decision or to assert authority.

 Deep Blue: for loyalty, sincerity, loyalty, peace, hope and confidence.

 Blue sky: for a favor from the invisible, remember love children get gifts and knowledge. Protects against dangers during travel.

 Green: support new projects, provides financial security. Attracts new friendships and strengthens existing relationships.

 Light green: helps against jealousy and attracts sympathy.

 Rose: develops feelings, joy, fight emotional problems, return of affection, promotes family ties, love lasting marriage tenderness, stable relationships and reinforces the romantic aspect of love.

 Grey: neutralizes negative influences, brings harmony, wisdom and maturity.

 Purple: for restoring health, regaining calm and serenity.

 Gold: attracts luck, success, support clemency and indulgence, and brings wealth and abundance. Allows contact with the invisible world.

 Brown: favors the discovery of treasures, help for any financial transaction involving mines. Helps to protect objects, goods and livestock. Promotes concentration and telepathy.

 Silver: neutralizes harmful influences, support reconciliation. Used in rituals healing. Promotes business opportunity.

 Black: away misfortune and calamities, banishes evil spirits, exorcises the evil eye.

 Sand: fights moral and physic weakness. Defends against adultery and can avoid ruin.

Tip: Do not kid yourself: the candle itself is not able to fulfill your wishes. It is the energy that you put into your wishes and prays, that will be taped. Charged with your energy, candles will bring it to the invisible world, during their combustion. The main conditions are that candles are manufactured with oil-based sanctuary, burn with no flow or smoke, and last a minimum of eight/nine hours. Then, there are special rituals, according special days, where some colored candles will be mixed for specific rituals.

Without falling into shamanism, there is a daily ritual that everyone can practice with the help of the world of spirits. It implies that the feeling with the missings was and remains very strong, lasting beyond time and death. Thus exposed, reserve a special corner in your home where you’ll put their framed pictures. Put a special care to establish the sanctuary flowering and perfuming it (incense). Regularly, pray them burning white candles. You must not forget their birthday and day of death. Once this ritual regularly established, you will expose your requests burning candles of appropriate color for relieving your sorrows and enhance your wills.

Good meditation!

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