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Magic practices existed at all times. Some traces of them have been found even in Prehistory.

For primitive men, magic was, in the absence of scientific knowledge, the traditional means by which human beings exerted an action on nature.

Magic enlightened the most important moments of their life: birth, illness, death, sowing, harvesting seasons...

All the religions dwelled into the sky good and bad spiritual creatures. All civilizations had their accounts where magic was a main actor regarding the course of events. It exists a world of light and a world of darkness together with right and good entities. The borderline between them is particularly difficult to define.

In a societies in lack of references, the books about "Harry Potter" have a great success. After the Bible, they are the books more sold in the world. Since "Harry Potter", societies of wizards, Shamans and Druids around the world never received such much requests for adhesion.

But it is false to think that magic is inoffensive and without risk.

For parents who think that this passion is inoffensive, it is false to think that magic is simply quackery and trickery.

It is false to believe that supernatural does not exist, that magic is inoperative and that all wizards, witches and marabouts are only cheaters.

Magic is by definition the "art supposed to produce effects against nature". During the Middle Age in Europe, the christian Church condemned sorcers, witches and wizards because according to it, they acted "in a contrary direction with the divine intentions", while seeking to amend the "natural" laws. The will of understanding of the church is unfortunately limited. In truth, magic uses natural phenomena that science does not still explain again.

Magic that the old ones called the Saint Kingdom ("Sanctum Regnum")or the kingdom of God ("Regnum Dei")was made at the beginning only for kings and priests. It was the sciences of the magi, the religion of the priests from the old Persia, heir of the ancient Babylon.

Later, from the word magus rise the words wizard and magician.

Many people are curious and want to bore the mysteries of the occult sciences linked to magic but many ones try at their own risks.

Recognizing the various categories of entities, calling them, making them revealing secrecies and especially, obliging them to go back are not as simple as it’s written in the "Harry Potter" or in "My beloved Witch" books and movies. The risks are real for ones who try to perform this art: madness, obsession, possession, schizophrenia... The parents of children wanting to be "trainee wizards" would make better to stop thinking that magic is an inoffensive play, without any consequence... Practising magic always start effects, even if they are not immediately obvious.

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