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Sept. 2nd, 2015 - Today we’ll talk about Antichrist, what is it, how serious is its menace and what forms it can take.

In early August, in the French city of Toulouse, the corpse of a young female student of 23 years was found in her apartment locked in a trunk. She was killed for a paltry sum relative to drug trafficking by two former students of higher Mathematics School, who were twenty years old. For hiding and evacuating the corpse, they were inspired by the tv movie "Breaking Bad": they dismembered the body, bought hydrochloric acid and a polyethylene trunk to immerse the corpse and dissolve it. In order to avoid the spread of decomposition odors, they taped the trunk and all openings in the apartment. Then, the two students went every day in the apartment for seven days to clean, steal items and check the progress of the corpse dissolution. Denounced, they were arrested while they tried to evacuate the bloody trunk.

Banal news you might say... but this criminal plan tells us much about the loss of values and social benchmarks of the western youth. What we see are young people smart enough to study at a high school who dropped the studies to concentrate on more lucrative traffic and at last but not at least, who killed for a thousand euros and were inspired by a north american movie for escaping the dastardly deed they committed.

Also, at the same period, there were teenagers who vandalized tombs or again, other associal events as several nursery schools devastated by kids of 3-13 years. These news, if they have been ignored very quickly by the French medias are not unic, we see that the violence associated with the loss of values is spreading increasingly.

We can say as Shakespeare’s Hamlet : "there is something rotten in the Kingdom of Denmark." Sad and bitter comment. But you’ll ask : what is the relationship between Antichrist and these events ?

Antichrist is by definition the opposite of God, the incarnation of evil, the enemy of Christ programmed for the final battle which has to occurr -according to the Bible- before the End of the world and the Last Judgment.

According to the Christian religion, before the end of the world, a new messiah will emerge, the Antichrist, as son of Satan. The Apocalypse of St. John describes our future as a great cosmic battle between the forces of good and evil. Marked with the number of the beast (666) the Antichrist will seduce people, perform miracles and sow unrest and confusion. It will corrupt believers, encourage them to insult God. "Men, here I am. I’ll give all your desires, I will let you sink into vice and I will forsake you to your instincts. When you’ll be completely emptied of pity, I’ll have only to mow the stalks at the roots! "

And according to St. John in Pathos, as the Antichrist announces the Apocalypse, a series of terrestrial and celestial cataclysms will be spilled on the world ...

"The seven angels prepared themselves to sound their trumpets. At the sound of these instruments, it fell a rain of fire and blood, a part of the earth was dried out, the waters were bitter, a thick smoke came out of the bottomless pit, and the angels destined to punish men were released ... Then, the apostle saw out of the sea a beast with seven feet and ten horns. On each horns was a tiara, and on each of his heads a name of blasphemy ... One of the heads seemed wounded to death; but this wound being healed, all the world marveled and began to follow the beast. The beast opened its mouth in blasphemy against God, and power will be given to it to make war against the saints and to defeat them. Then another beast rose from the earth and thanks to the wonders it performs, seduced men who lived here and made them worship the first one. "

If one refers to the Bible, it is obvious that Antichrist is already installed among us. But should we find it in human form as tell us some media and political personalities who are used to qualify their opponents (it’s fashionable!) as worthy heirs of Hitler in order to ensure the discridit of their ennemies with public opinion?

No, simply no! Because it is written that Antichrist will have no face because it’ll insinuate into the consciousness of men, it is only when he will have destroyed humankind that God’s shadow will land again onto the world to rebuild the lost garden of heaven! Considering the increase of unfortunate events worlwide, it seems as humanity is going inexorably towards the expected Apocalypse.

At’s, we know every day that life is worse than your worst nightmare!

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