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Sept. 23 - 2012 - Yvan Rebroff (1931 - 2008) was a German singer of Russian ancestry, particularly famous in the 60 - 70. He described himself as international, a sort of "connection between East and West". He was singing in the European variety TV shows the following song which participated to give confidence to people at that time of booming:

(extract / beginning)

Lord, you have given birth
to many, many,
Poor people.
But if there is no shame
To be poor,
There was nothing to be proud too.
What harm should be,
If I had a small, small fortune
WAh! If I were rich
Farewell to the cart
Every day I should be rich
I would build a palace
Up to the sky,
On the market place,
With straight walls planted out.
Under a gilded roof,
A marble staircase,
Another in all-wood,
One for the entry another for the exit,
And yet a third one for the joy...

Whatever the political and religious systems, there are few that the dream of being rich make indifferent. In this period of sad crisis, they are still more people who play lottery, online games and especially if their work and their future does not seem bright.

Accession to immediate and material pleasures seems more affordable than intangible promises, delayed in time and subject to various contingencies. And if dreaming of glory, honor and power is only allowed an elite, on the contrary money it is within the reach of everyone. With a little ingenuity and luck, you can hope to achieve your desires in this area. However, if discovering a new particle or painting masterpieces is understood only in the context of a vocation based on exceptional talents, we go on considering the money-makers as some kind of scrooges.

There are people who for becoming rich rely more on their talents than on gambling. There are many who want to know if their profile correspond to that one of a winner. And this seems to be the question of the present time of crisis, because many people are afraid of being poor or simply want to turn the corner because they are already poor.

Do money-makers have talisman? magic formula? those ones who are called money-makers?

No, making money requires only temperament which are not that of everyone. Their qualities are the following:

1) Have a extraordinary energy, that is to say, capacity for working more and sleeping less than the others and of cause, without any detriment to concentration or effectiveness. It will be accompanied by some asceticism: you have in particular to give up vacation and laziness..

2) Entering very young in the business , that is to say before 25 years because after some qualities are dull.

3) Having an adventurous temperament. You have to be able to make choices against facility and be reluctant to routine.

4) Having a commercial sense or find an helper who will support your project by the sale. Indeed, creativity, flair, talent, intelligence are not enough, they must be supported by sales.

5) Do not feel guilty in front of money (avoid bad conscience or inhibition). Unfortunately, if you are born in some circles, societies and cultures, you have to cope with this feeling which is particularly anchored in the old Europe.

6) Being hard enough with yourself and with the others in order not to be diverted from your project before touching the goal.

7) Being lucky and here, there is the unknown of success. If you have naturally bad luck and that all your plans are crappy, don’t persist in your business: you are not born for being a money maker and at most, if you go on you’ll end up as a little crook and it bodes no good for your future.

But you’ve to know that every coin has two sides, in particular, reaching richness will require that you give up the following certainties:

 A quiet existence with moderate work schedules.

 A normal family life,

 Enjoying home comfort.

 Going on for long vacation.

 Sleeping a long time.

 Hoping that your children will be like you (high privileged in luxury, they will appear as "softened" having inherited none of your qualities and temperament).

 Believing that somebody can love you for yourself.

 Having trust in the others.

 Have a carefree and spontaneous behavior...

As you see, my little monsters, for being rich the price to pay is high, some kind of pact with the devil but in return, it will be the corner-stone of your success.