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Oct.30th, 2018 - Many recipes and potions are made from plants which are used for therapeutic and magical purposes.

Recent scientific research has shown that like humans and animals, plants have a vital aura of which intensity increases at certain times. It seems that their vibrations have a positive influence on people because they possess beneficial power related to subtle esoteric forces.

Plants have always been used by doctors and healers and it is not for nothing that the laboratories pharmaceutical companies roam the world to try to rob the recipes of the library of nature known by shamans.

During Antiquity, the ancient Magi considered 22 plants as sacred but in the Middle Ages the number fell to 16. Let’s mention between others plants the Heliotrope called herb of sincerity and the Rose, initiatory and esoteric flower among all. Some plants thanks to their electromagnetic charge have the power to give energy, others on the contrary can remove it: in such case, we talk about positive and negative plants. The esoteric power produced by a plant can be obtained when the harvest and ritual is in close connection with various factors such as the zodiac signs (at special hours and special days) and/or the particular date of their harvest.

In order to preserve the plants and herbs all their virtues, it is necessary to pick them during the so-called "rising moon" period by a day of great sun, between 11h and 12h or 17h and 18h. Let them dry for a few days then put them in a canvas or paper bag or into a glass jar, never use plastic for storing them.

As we are close to the night of Halloween, we will talk particularly about the Absinthe, which, in addition to its alcohol (the famous "Green Fairy") which is being back in fashion Parisian circles, it is also an esoteric plant used during the night of Samhain. Absinthe is a very bitter plant that some religions use to purify themselves. Indeed, it is deemed to rule out negative waves and problems of life. Tradition tells that we have to use it during dark times in order to free environment and people from pessimism, bitterness, guiltness, excessive stress and existential exhaustion. It is one of the herbs used in Shamain’s fumigations, because it is related to the world of the deads and the nostalgia we feel to those who no longer live with us. Although it is linked to a planet and zodiacal sign, it is not currently subject to planetary influx. And so, it can therefore be of great help without special rites, simply carrying it to the skin, whatever the time and day.

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