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Oct.29th, 2014 - In France since Monday, October 27, if the population sees a clown in the street, they have to call the "17" which is the emergency number of the French police. Be carefull, zombies are also involved. Indeed, the "zombies’ walk" that has to be held in the city of Lilles in the French North, with about 5,000 participants, was banned a few days before Halloween. Also, Binge drinking (heavy episodic drinking) is going to be banned. No, I’m not kidding, these news are serious.

A few weeks ago a schoolboy joke was imported in France from the United States: someones disguised as clowns (the horrible one from "It" the Stephen King’s novel) for scaring people and some French schoolkids had decided to adopt it. At first, this joke has been broadcasted via Facebook among young people who wanted to have fun for Halloween. The "attacks" of clowns were relayed by the French media that described them in the first degree and so, the Police Ministry decided to act without humour. It is now forbidden to walk on the street dressed as a clown and if you intend to scare children you may be molested by some citizens, denounced and arrested for mess in the street.

On Sunday, Oct. 26, serious events occurred at Sivens Dam, near the city of Albi, in the Southwest of France. Some protesters were described as anarchists by the french authorities. A young, no more anarchist than you and me, who was a protester among others for the preservation of the environment, has been killed by an offensive grenade thrown by a policeman.

You will object: what connects all these events?

One word: YOUTH! and the fear that has the French Socialist government that youth initiates a new revolution as in May 1968. At the time, young people were protesting against the right-wing government of General de Gaulle.

And so, the need to dress up as scary monsters, drinking till the coma, fighting against authorities and more generally against all forms of authority are in fact the same rejection of an imposed order, the same provocation against a society in which this new generation no longer believe (what can they do in front of unemployment, terrorism, ebola epidemy, poorness, down of social ladder, environmental disasters and opportunistic politicians and medias... ?). In a country where the majority of young people have to follow long studies and obtain high school diplomas to find finally unskilled job or worse, unemployment, what they can do if not trying to change mind... To relieve stress and forget reality, it remains provocation... in same cases, till confrontation. This phenomena is not reserved to the suburbs, it is general in France and touchs all social classes.

In response to this unhappiness, if not despair, because it fears riots and particularly those caused by youngs, the French government is answering by bans to avoid protests and uprisings.

So, this year, all events for Halloween will be seriously monitored. And yes, Halloween scares in France, my dear little monsters!

Nov.1st, 2014 - 10:00 A.M. - It’s All Saints’ Day in France today and anti-riot police brigades are gathered in the city of Nantes to face protesters who are against the construction of an airport in southern Brittany which will imply the destruction of a protected environmental area. This destruction has been decided for years by the ancient mayor, of Nantes, Jean-Marc Ayrault, French politician, now MP of Loire-Atlantique, previously Prime Minister of France from 16 May 2012 to 31 March 2014. Others protesters in Toulouse were calling for a tribute for the young killed by the police near Albi, last week-end. This morning, the Deputy Mayor is crying for help on the medias and calls for the protest to be prohibited and violent protesters arrested because the fear of looters and ransacking...

Nov.1st, 2014 - 12:30 A.M. - To increase the panic, it was announced by the media that for one month now, drones were used to fly over several French nuclear power plants. One bigger has a size of 2 m and could be able to bring bombs... Today, November 1st, impossible to detect by the authorities because of their small sizes, new drones flew again over 6 nuclear power plants. French Ministries of defense and police are trying to identify who are controlled these threatening devices and asked medias to stop talking about.

Nov.1st, 2014 - 19:40 PM - Today, in the cities of Nantes and Toulouse, violences between protesters and police brigades have been particularly hard. In the medias, French authorities appear appalled and are called the protesters to respect democracy they described as menaced...

And yes, my little monsters, I confirm that it’s the panic in France for Halloween. But please be silent, my little monsters, because it’s political uncorrect to speak of sad events as these...

Well, it remains which yet has not been banned ... but for how long?

Joking aside, at we know that reality can be worse than your worst nightmare.

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