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June 6th, 2013 - Gezi, a small park of 600 trees in Istanbul. That’s where came the protest movement that shook the capital of Turkey untill today. For the population, the urban development project which involves the removal of this green area, has to be stopped and opponents have taken the turkish government for responsible because it imposes some urban pharaonic works in an authoritarian manner. As a consequence, the Gezi Park has to be changed into a former military block of Ottoman Empire influence together with a cultural center, a city museum and a shopping center. On May 27, the arrival of bulldozers for uprooting trees, resulted into violent clashes between police and protesters and a national riot with deads.

Today, the Turkish government’s leaders do not understand again this general opposition which appears for them as an an obstacle to progress, also the fears and criticisms as they think they provide sufficient liberalism inducing wealth, welfare and progress in the same manner of the States.

Unfortunately, Turkish leaders have not integrated the intangible component behind these 600 trees: I named God. I hear your laughs, is falling into religious idolatry? Nay, my dear little monsters, this is very serious.

Since an immemorial time, man is linked to the Supreme Being and/or Force who animates our world and so, on every continent: God, Allah, Yahvé, Christ, Bouddah, Jehovah, Gitche Manitou, etc.

The tree has always been important because is attached directed to the axis of the world and even now and is particularly true in the Islamic culture as the symbolic Tree of Islam.

The symbolic Tree of Islam appears especially in the vision of a Sufi Master of the thirteenth century AD, Moheïddine Ibn ’Arabi or Mohyiddîn Abu Bakr Mohammad Ibn Ali Ibn’ Arabi al-Hatimi, so called Ibn ’Arabi (born in 1165 in Andalusia in Spain and died in 1240 in Damascus, Syria) who was of Arabic origin. He was also called "al-Shaykh al-Akbar" ("The greatest master" in Arabic), or "Ibn Aflatun" (the son of Plato). He was a theologian, jurist, poet and a master metaphysician, author of 846 books. Some argue that his work would have influenced Dante, the great Italian religious Poet. In the metaphysics, he was the greatest thinker of the esoteric doctrine of ’Wahdat al wujood ".

In his doctrine, World is simbolized as a Tree :

"Understanding Universal Man is based on the representation of the world. That’s when I saw the universe as a tree. It is of course the World Tree. The root (or roots) hidden (s) represent (s) the unmanifested Principle, its trunk the World Axis and its branches the real world. " (Extract from “The Tree of the World”)

Some countries such as Lebanon with the green cedar, Canada with the red maple leaf, Equatorial Guinea with the silk tree also called the Tree of God, make trees their national emblem reference ... Even if they are not on the flags, trees are intimately linked to the history of a nation like Japan and cherry, Celtic culture and the oak, Africa and the baobab being a symbol of community, fight against deforestation by Native Americans because forests are the place where they’re living, fight by Asian populations against palm oil producers deforesting because palm is producing the cheapest oil in the world and as a consequence therefore highly sought by multinational food companies searching for hightly benefits at the expense of environmental balance, etc...

Human life and aspirations goes on turning around trees...

In Turkey, there are some places where monumental trees are the symbol of the National Heritage of Turkey:

 Mut, Mersin Karaman Yolu

 Medreselik, D715

 Istanbul, Topkapi Sarayi

 Elmal, Antalya Elmal

 Salihli, Subatan Plateau
These places are held in high regard by many Muslim believers.

Unfortunaley, the Turkish government has not understood that destroying trees it is a way to propose people to replace the place where “stands Allah” by monuments symbolizing his contrary and negativity: barracks where stands militaries (war, repressive and aggressive forces), a cultural center and museum (favorizing paganism), and a commercial center (capitalism).

Also, the seat of life lies in the trees because in the places where there are no more trees, water is scarce and water is the basis of all life as the breath of God. Since the origins of humanity, every human being knows this principle intrinsically.

At’s we know that leaders around the world are not educated and cultured enough to understand their citizens. They thinks that providing material goods they will fill human aspirations, fighting fears, emptyness and anxiety… Surely not!

At’s, we know that reality is worse than your worst nightmare but you’ve to live with it.