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April 12, 2010 - In Kabbalah, it is told that before life was the verb and that vibratory forces comes from the action of the verb. According to esoterism, an egregor(e) is some kind of form-though generated and maintained by the convergent attention of a group of people having a common purpose, towards which they tend passionately. The though created by the group became a vibratory energy which can influence the living and the things, a kind of telekinesis.

It is not the matter that the thought generated is religious or atheistic, it is enough that the group is sufficiently impassioned by a collective goal to reach and that people share the same enthusiasm and the same will for changing things.

Egregor is an old practice which comes back from the old times when people lived in tribe gathered around a shaman and a chief of clan. Still today, the regroupings around shaman (i.e. priests) go on existing and one retains simply the great religious enthusiasm that has been induced more for communicating with the Divine than a real creative though able of physic and psychic upheavals.

When somebody is speaking about egregor, suddently comes to the mind, strange people wearing as dark frightful character reciting an unknown language. That it is for folklore. In the United States, it is used that groups are constituted in egregores for prying in order to support the cure of somes patients who are asking for them. It is also currently admitted that there are more restablishments among those who benefit from these positive currents than the others.

Egregores act in the same way than telekinesis in what they influence a sheduling edicted for changing it a little or a lot, depending on the suggestion of the receiver and the power of the transmitter.

Egregor could be also an individual though very strong generated by an unic person. In the movie « The Medusa Touch » (1973), Richard Burton plays Morlar, a frighful character who can produce catastrophes by the simple capacity of his though…. In reality, if this capacity is not correctly channeled in the childhood, too often, the person will exhaust herself rapidly by a though becoming obsessive till madness.

All depends of the goal to reach. If you are asking for great upheavals in life, by example if you are poor, unintelligent and without help, asking to become a millionaire in less a month, hum… the goal will be almost impossible to reach. It will be necessary to join to others for building a form though. Hum… ? Sceptic are you? You think it is completely mad and out of reality But not, it isn’t !

Adapt the egregor technique to a nation and watch around the world… From now on, the nations which are deliquescent are those who cannot never more federate a collective though, where groups acting as misc. tribes have transformed their nation in a multitude of individual and various thoughs dedicated to pleasure and recreation. In that way thoughs reveal sparse and no more consistent, and above all, no more connected in a collective nationwide enthusiastic one.

Also, keep in mind, that telekinesis (PK) or capacity of the mind to act on objects has been studied since dozens of years by the Rhine University. Twisting spoons or making moving objects are the main capacities showed by some human beings. Thus imagine what will be able to do hundreds, even thousands of people having telekinesis capacities who would gather themselves in egregores.

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