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In the past, the Chineses has a supreme art named Feng-Shui, Feng indicating the wind and Shui the water. And so, each time a wall has to be erected or a wall has to be set up or a pit to be dug, every time one created or destroyed something, the art of Feng-Shui was practised.

Feng-Shui was and remains the art of equilibrium, with the respect of the secret forms and codes of nature.
It was a sort of occult ecology but really innovating art in its attempt to reflect the whole harmony of this equilibrium.

And so, each aspect, each element of the landscape, from the monticule to the hill,
is the obvious result of two opposite energies whose succession and conjunction create and govern together Cosmos.

The Yang is active, male, centripetal, heat, dry and luminous. The Yin, receptive, female, centrifugal,
cold, wet and dark. Man is born from their union and represents consequently, their quintessence.
Thus in parallel to the influence of stars upon human businesses, order and disorder of men are reflected in the sky.

The Eastern thought does not take into account the tearing dichotomy and antagonism of the Western one which divides the world: in good and bad, life and dead, paradise and hell. For the Eastern, they are only phases, cycles which announce other cycles...

Also, we find this thought in the remains of other civilizations: the Egyptian pyramids,
genuine condensers of forces thanks to volumetric and angular ratios were used to be built in particular places, as the imaginary centres of faces, directed in such directions that their edges coincide with the cardinal points. In the same way, Etruscan and Roman cities were set up and aligned according to the four geographical directions in particular places...

Today unfortunately, because of the lack of space and conditions of living, nobody thinks anymore of taking into account the subtle forces of the ground and the sky, in order to harmonize fulls and vacuums, tops and bottoms, orientation and magnetism.

The elders of each civilization which preceded us knew and implemented these forces that systematically today we go on forgetting with obstination: in addition to those ones that we already know, still go on existing in nature other subtle and main forces for life that are still unkown by scientists but which are of great significance for making life better.

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