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Sept. 18, 2011 - “Soylent Green” is from now on a reality. This science fiction 1973 movie with Charlon Heston appears to be our next reality. In 2022, it depaints a future suffering from pollution, overpopulation, depleted resources, poverty , dying oceans and a hot climate due to the greenhouse effect. Much of the population survives thanks to food rations as "soylent green". At the end, the heroe investigating about the death of his old partner discovers that the food whose marketing name is “soylent green” is a protein tablet made thanks to corpses recycling. In this future, waste recycling is thus pushed to the extreme. This film of anticipation shows a model of sustainable development which succeeds in recycling all things even the corpses for feeding the major part of the human beings of the planet. What is the link with our time are you asking?

You know that cemeteries are places where human communities bury their corpses, the sort of places where the matter of the bodies turn over to the ground and product methane and also, that in certain cases as war, a source of pollution because of the rotten corpses and putrefaction left at the open air which generate contaminations. And cremation is not an alternative because it consumes wood or fossil fuel and so pollutant because of the bad gas filtration which does not eliminate mercury contained in the dental prostheses and lead which is accumulated by people during their life because of the environmental pollution… The immersion of the corpses is also to exclude because with too many immersing corpses,they are the rivers and the oceans which will end up being polluted.

So, how recycling the corpses of the 9 billion people who will be living on the planet around 2100?

Well, it is the City of NW which places itself as a precursor in that field. Indeed, at the beginning of September 2011, a sustainable development project regarding the recycling of the twins towers and their human remains (ground zero) has just been ratified by the City of New York. And so it has found a way of increasing its incomes making money with the methane released by the remains of “ground zero” which are stored in a special part of Fresh Kills Landfill, the largest site hiding of waste of New York, located on Staten Island which is known as one of the most important sites of methane of the world. Already, the City of NW earns 12 million dollars a year selling the methane gas from Freshkills to Con Edison have announced some American newsmen. And with this new amount of garbages full of fragments of steel, concrete, aluminium… and human pieces too, it is going to generate additional methane and thus new incomes. The city has found so a true gold mine.

The families of victims grouped into a society called World Trade Center Families for Proper Burial persuaded that there are still human remains asked for moving these World Trade Center waste in another place, a peacefull area where they could pray and cry for their deads. Their request has been rejected by the City of NW which answered that this recycling will contribute to the sustainable development while feeding in energy thousands of families in New York for the future years.

Here at’s, we know it can be harmfull to mix deads and alives. Since the beginning of humanity, it is not without reason that men try to set and maintain sacred areas in order deads rest in peace. We confirm it may be harmfull to mix deads and alives. Besides obvious medical reasons, it exists around the world some places where it is proven that there are supernatural demonstrations of a kind of life after death (very often magnetic or energy fields) in some places often described as "haunted" where science is unable to give rational explanations.

That you believe in a kind of "existence" after death or not, it has been unanimously set that human remains have to be respected for the wellbeing of the alives. A body it is not only methane it contains also heavy metals accumulated during an entire human life because of the polluted modern environment and manufactured fooding. Added to the remains and particles of all kinds of materials which composed the Twin Towers, there is a risk of a type of contamination. (Ecologists will speak about the dangers related to asbestos, mercury, benzene and possible radioactive elements). But also another consideration if to take into account.

The veneration of the deads which implies the respect of the ancestors is practised widely in Asia and in other areas and not without reason. Here is an example in Japan where there are some World Heritage Sites as the Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range with the particular Okunoin Cemetery which pays homage to the deads since centuries: a sanctuary set in an imposing nature. A major part of the Asian people know that it is not good to dissatisfy deads and above all that deads have to be respected sufficiently.

Using the methane released by the bodies of ground zero comes down to say that in a few years several hundreds of thousands of families in NY will have heating thanks to the essence of people died in terrible sufferings. That- is to say a fluid of death is going to spread among the population of NY which already has knew enough misfortunes. Unfortunately, dark years are going to prepare in that area thanks to technocrats...

The sustainable development project led by the City of NW if it is rational from an economic point of point looks like the nightmare of "Soleynt Green" in fact, where Charlon Heston discovers that the worlwide governments took concerted action to use corpses for the wellbeing of the alives. And today, we have human remains which will provide the heating. This project of avant-garde could be our next planetary reality because with near 9 billion of inhabitants around 2100, the management of corpses turns out to be the new financial manna. The entire energy providers of the world discreetly peer at this Eldorado giving as a pretext the sustainable development. In addition to the evoked reason of production of energy, there is also the lack of place in the sprawling towns all over the planet and with the increase of population announced, there are also the areas of the cemeteries which are coveted to be constructible. In short, corpses recycling appears to be the new financial source for the future… better than the gold rush... better than oil...

But please be silent because everything connected to death is taboo… and you’re not authorized to speak openly about that… because it is shocking and everybody knows that corpses smell so bad… in our too hygienic world frightened by death.

But how to believe in a life after death, if human beings end as materials for heating and why not also... as fooding for animals. From now on, you can imagine every possible nightmare.

Taking away the sacred aura of the human body, changing it progressively into merchandise, people are ceasing gradually to believe in God… Thanks to the sustainable economic management of the corpses, certainly the men will become more responsible about their environment but at what price: believing in nothing, little by little men are ceasing to respect everything for finally losing progessively their soul which made once their immortality.

It’s the year 2022… People are still the same. The’ll will do anything to obtain what they need. And they need Soylent Green”.

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