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Feb. 5, 2015 - Trees are our oldest friends on earth and hugging them can help to overcome the difficulties of life.

In China, the branches of the Kien-mou tree touch the sky and its roots affect underground sources where is lurking death, the trunk making the unit of the whole.
In the Book of the tree and the four birds of Ibn ’Arabi, the mystical Sufi Muslim, the ascent of the tree is the ascent of heaven.

For Buddhists, the pipal tree (ficus religiosa) is the symbol of the awakening of Gautama Buddha under the tree of enlightenment.

In Christianity, the tree is the symbol of the blessed life of God, the course of its annual cycle is associated with the estate of life, death and resurection ; a dead tree or one that no longer gives fruit are the representation of the sinner.

In older natural religions, trees were real beings inhabited by nymphs and elves, who had their own soul, and man has a particular affinity with them.

Beyond religion, folklore or mythology, direct contact with the trees can be an incredible resource of well-being. It exists a real therapy : the sylvotherapy or ’tree hugging".

In nature, if you choose a tree you like, there is a free medecine and spell that everyone can undertaking.

When you feel bitter and disappointed, do not hesitate to leave home for taking a walk in nature searching some trees. If you can not or do not want to hug a tree (because of insects and other small things or simply because you fear ridicule), just stand with calm under it, close your eyes, listen to the noises and sounds around you. Clear your mind so that you succeed to think about nothing. Keeping your eyes closed, imagine the representation of the noises and sounds which surround you: the singing bird, the branches swaying in the wind, the color of the leaves ... and repeat softly :

I take the time to visit my friends, the trees,
I respect them and I love them
In return they love me and are healthy for me.
I find comfort into their strength and beauty.

Even if you don’t believe in spells, you’ve interest in visiting the forests and meditating among the trees because acting so, you can reduce your rate of Cortisol which is a steroid hormone produced by human stress and responsible for a lot of illness. So, go often to greet your old friends, the trees.