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In april 2009, seven bodies (five children, two adults) have been found in their home in Los Angeles - US. All children were under the age of 10. Father is believed to have killed children and their mother, then himself.

This sad case seems to call another sad affair who happened at the beginning of the january in Bordeaux - France. Also four bodies (three children and their mother) were discovered. Interrogated, the neighbours said only "she was in trouble". It was the brother who called the police because he was whithout any news from her sister from several days.

These two sad affairs make to come to light despair and hopeless which lead too often to suicide. What sader than a father and a mother who commit suicide and kill their children because they are hopeless.

It is easy to fall into the panel which consist into worrying about your past or your future or to deplore your last misfortunes. In a case or in another, you can do nothing.

Try to enjoy life like if somebody gave you 1440$ each day for the remainder of your life,
under the condition of spending this sum each day, without reporting the balance to the following day.

Each of you, you receive all 1440 precious minutes each day. Have you enough for your money? You have nothing against the fact of living the present time but how to make? It is where your conscience is concerned.

The present moment is the only one that you can live fully.
Yesterday cannot be changed and tomorrow is unknown.

For living the present time be courageous for living in full conscience and repeat every necessary times
the above incantation:

I want to live the present time.
I enjoy each moment which is granted to me.
I appreciate each day which is given to me.

Simply enjoy daily life !