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Nov.25, 2010 - Lilith is a character in the Jewish mythology who is known as Adam’s first wife, the first one before Eve. Some religions forgot or ignored her delibery for retaining only the second one, Eve. Traditionally, it is because she refused to procreate and gave wire to Adam that God repudiated her and gave her as wife to Satan for being jailed in the darkness. Lilith rebelled again and deceived Satan too. And because she became the mistress of demons, she generated monsters and sucubus who populated the earth. Generally, Lilith and Eve are two opposite symbols acting as an heritage and testimony of two opposite societies: the ancient one which was largely matriarchal and the patriarchal one which from now on reigns widely. Today, Lilith character still goes on playing a role into occultism.

Well, Lilith is the symbol of these women equal to men who frightened them and populated the ancient world a long time before the Greeks. Already, Homer told about them in the Iliad, near 7 centuries BC.

Indeed, there are plenty of legends of female warriors in Antiquity.These stories tells about women who followed a training in the art of war, using weapons and enduring physical deprivation since their childhood. They lived apart men and went to war with their own military units. Ancient texts are numerous informing they were used to triumph over men during battles. At various period of the history of humanity, several civilizations and people employed women as recognized soldiers. There were Arabs, Berbers, Kurds, Rajput, Chineses, Filipinos, Maoris, Papous, Aboriginals of Australia, Micronesians and Natives of America. But history erected specially by men ignored voluntary these female soldiers.

The Greeks invented the term of Amazons, this word meaning: "without chest". It is told generally that this meaning it is because they were used to cut their right breast for better tightening their arc. Diodorus Siculus, a greek historian who lived in the 1st century BC, describes the Amazons of Libya, country which at that time included all the North Africa, at the west of Egypt. This empire of Amazons was a gynarchy or gynecocracy, that-is-to say a society where only women were authorized for official functions, including the military ones.
The country was directed by a queen, Myrine, who thanks to 30.000 infantry and 3.000 riding soldiers crossed Egypt and Syria for going till the Aegean Sea putting in rout a series of armies which were on their way.

These women were trained to the practice of all kinds of weapons: arc, sword, combat axe and lance. She copied the Greek’s bronze coats of mail and armours. They rejected the mariage that they considered as a submission. For procreation, vacation were granted. During this period, they practised the coitus with anonymous men selected randomly in the surrounding villages. Only a woman who killed a man during a fight had the right to give up her virginity. But the queen Myrine ended up being overcome and her army was dispersed. Nevertheless her female army left traces in the North of Africa where also, the women of Anatolia took the weapons for crushing an invasion from the Caucasus, after the male soldiers had been destroyed in a vast genocide.

More recently, it exists a proven example of female warriors. It is about the female army of Fons, an ethnos group living in Dahomay, in West Africa, country renamed today as Benign. Voluntarily, these female warriors have never been mentioned in the official military history and it exists no movie which erect them as heroins. They exist only under the form of notes at the foot of some historical pages of report. Only, one scientific work has been written about these women: "Amazons of the Black Sparta" by the historian Stanley B. ALpern (1988). However, they composed an army which faced and competed with any male soldiers of elite and fought any army which threatened their country.

Historical sources are related from the XVIIe century. At the origin, this army was a royal guard which increased for becoming a military army of six thousand female warriors with an almost divine statute. Their function were not decorative. During more than 2 centuries, they were the spearhead of the Fons against the European colonists invaders. They were feared by the French Army which lost several battles. This army of women was only defeated in 1892, after that French militars had called for an important reinforcement of troops better equipped with artillery, soldiers of the French Foreign Legion, a regiment of infantry, some navy and cavalry. No handbook in the French history never reported about this war carried out by women because it is not to the glory of the male invaders. One is unaware of how much of these warriors were killed. The survivors went on during several years carrying out a severe guerrila and female veterans of this army still lived, let themselves interview and photograph in the years 1940. A female regiment descended from these courageous warriors still exist today.

In 2010, for the first time in its history, France honoured these valorous women inviting a military detachment of Benign during the commemoration of July 14, for the opening of the military procession. Dressed with rigour, this military detachment paid homage to the Amazons of Dahomey, troops of elite which had fought the French colonial army.

The Amazons, the ancient female and divine warriors, made always fantasized and from now on, it seem that their descendants are the female bodyguards who are recruited wordly by wealthy people for assuring their protection. Colonel Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi, President of Libya, has renewed with the tradition of the Amazons creating a squad of female bodyguards for escorting him. Chinese business men hire female bodyguards and the most famous known in China is Bian Mei. President Bush had a female bodyguard, also Prince William and President Toledo of Peru, too. Also in Russia, there was Anna Loginova, killed in 2008, who was notoriously known: she ran an agency for female bodyguards, some trained by the ex-KGB, to give discreet protection to Moscow’s billionaires. Customers who hire their services say that generally women tend to work more carefully and that their powers of observation are sharper than men. If some ones are really beautifull, we advice you to forget their physical aspect because they are as some kind of dangerous weapon.

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