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CHURCH OF SATAN Oct.15th, 2005 - It exists a type of satanism whose empire is huge and that is not a reversed religion and that seems not linked to sordid, a true worship of Satan. There are several worships of Satan. The second well-known one is the Temple of Set.

These worships have all the appearances of religions with hierarchies, priests, celebrants, chapels, altars, candles (black, obviously), emblems and so on. They are based upon phylosophic arguments with references to old liturgies.

The most famous western satanist was Anton La Vey, American. Tall, thin, black dressed, wearing moustache, seemed very well to the traditional character of Mephistopheles, represented in the "Faust" of Gounod. He founded in 1966, "The Church of Satan" and published in 1969 "The Satanic Bible" (Avon Books, New York, 1969) which was a success. He declared that "the adoration of devil is a perversion of religion completely self-focused and self-gratifying".

Anton La Vey wrote also "The Satanic Rituals" (Avon Books, New Yok, 1972). He was interrogated by the media every time that succeeded an affair of satanism. Interrogated, he said: "The fame of my books and in a general manner, satanism, is based on the American need for perpetual change. The Zeitgeist (american word from german origin that means "Spirit of Time") in this country is creating a new society where TV is obviously the main religion. And well, depite of the performances of TV, there is obviously a lack. Satanism is filling this lack. Let's credit me of a change of society, posivitive or negative. Catholics have been regarded as devils by Protestants. Protestants were considered as devils by Catholics. Jews are looked upon as devils by both of them. The white man is considered as devil by the Chineses. But, who can say actually who is bad?" ("Satan" in Life, June 1989).

The fame of Anton La Vey traduced -and the success of his books confirms it- that public needs satanism.

At his death, in 1998, the Church of Satan, took a dimension more political: their program wanted to suppress the religions organized and wanted to reinforce the repressible laws (death sentence, hard labour...). Today, a well-known representant of the Church of Satan remains the american singer: "Marylin Manson", who appears to be one of the most famous graduate officiant of the Church of Satan.

On Oct. 15th 2005, a French catholic priest, interrogated by the french media, Europe 1, revealed , that a group of priests, named "The Legionaries of Christ", specialized in exorcism and satanism, has been specially created for fighting against the increase of satanists.

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