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WICCA AND WITCHCRAFT Today, many people claim to be adepts of Wicca.

A great confusion goes on between wicca and witcraft.

Wicca is an initiatory order of which has a lot of groups in the world. It is mainly represented in North America where wicca makes part of local traditions and is recognized as a natural science. On the contray, in Europe, one confuses wrongly wicca and witchraft. On the contray of witchcraft, wicca is not synonym of devilries and sordid.

According wiccan people themselves, wicca is the following of the adoration the Mother Godness, i.e. the nature. The writter, Margaret Murray (1863 - 1963) asserts in her books that wicca was the main religion in Europe before the avent of christianism and that, after the officialization of Christ, wicca goes existing and practising in secret.

Wicca has its origins into the paganism performed before the apparition of the christian period. It is a mix between pagan traditions and occultism.

It is a polytheist religion and its adepts adore mainly nature. Regarding this point, wicca is very near shamanism. The main difference between shamanism and wicca and that hallucinogens drugs are replaced by songs, meditation, concentration, music, dance and rituals.

As opposed to what think of lot of its detractors, Wicca is not a sect and does not have a guru who asks you to give him your soul and your money and to forgive all for a better life.

If you want to make part of a wiccan group, you have to be introduced by an adept.

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