Whatever you search, you arrived at the end of your quest. You are here because your political correct world is too smooth and dispresses you...

I’m your dead psy for horror and supernatural. Enter now and learn how to fight your usual stresses and fears. A little intellectual effort is only required to understand what you are going to watch, read and hear. Then, keys are yours for enjoying life and ordinary happiness.

Remember! there is an underground world full of incredible powers which are used to coexist with you since centuries. Don't forget this when you go asleep tonight, my little creatures. Sometimes, reality can be worse than your worst nightmare! I wish you a good meditation. Welcome in the true world!


www.terrificator.com is free of gourous and sect influence. Its philosophy is to help people in fighting stresses and fears demystificating horror, supernatural and occult sciences, great part of my fellow creatures' poor education.

Contents of this site is in english.

Terrificator can not be taken responsible for your nightmares!

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