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July, 29th, 2018 - In a tribute on Youtube, Christopher Lee as Dracula asserts at the end of a short movie: "There are those who say that life is an illusion and reality simply a figment of imagination" (INSIDE THAT HOUSE)

And indeed politics, religions, consumption ... all are concepts that promise us a better life... are illusions.

Priests once and nowadays marketing managers sell us at all nivels ideas for a better life: from goods to politicians. Since the beginning of humanity, some offer us manufactured images and concepts in order men follow the shadows on the cavern. In such a way, men forget their own existence for chosing to follow chimera.

With the advent of technology, TV once, and now apps, games, online entertainment and social networks men are immersed into a virtual reality that seems better than reality itself.

Even news are chimera because Media never respect the Law of Identity describing reality into a continous informal fallacy.

As a consequence, since our birth to our death, we live in a dream awake: dreaming of our life, cultivating an ideal, a certain idea of performance and happiness that are not reality but proposals for a reality.

Once, civilizations were born from dreams, now there are apps and social networks which have hold on men. Finally, they are always concepts which come from Utopia trying to train men for the benefit of some.

What is reality in fact ?

In the Middle Age, men worked an average of 3/4 hours a day for feeding themselves. From now on, men are slaves of hours in an office or simply ants of the black economy all together for adhering to concepts or having artefacts which are supposed to make a living.

The proper of man being to intellectualize all states and all things, to live in harmony with reality, we must give up following concepts. Trying Existentialism or Objectivism vs Back to nature ? Everyone has the key to escape to slavery.

"Identity is perfect; therefore the Law of Identity is
but a lie. For there is no subject, and there is no
predicate; nor is there the contradictory of either
of these things.
Holy, Holy, Holy are these Truths that I utter,
knowing them to be but falsehoods, broken mirrors,
troubled waters; hide me, O our Lady, in Thy
Womb! for I may not endure the rapture.
In this utterance of falsehood upon falsehood, whose
contradictories are also false, it seems as if That
which I uttered not were true.
Blessed, unutterably blessed, is this last of the
illusions; let me play the man, and thrust it from
me! Amen."
Aleister Crowley (1913)

At’s, we know every day that life is worse than your worse nightmare! Welcome in the true world!

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