MICHAEL MYERS FRENCH COPYCAT John Carpenter's movie, "Halloween", has been realized in 1978 and knew a tremendous and stupendous success around the world since today. Rob Zombie, the new producer has renewed the story with a new movie which will be issued in August 28th, 2009 on the screens.

The storyboard is about a six-year-old Michael Myers who brutally murdered his teenaged sister, Judith, with a butcher knife. The first movie opens, in Haddonfield, IL, in the States, circa 1963, during the night of Halloween, where we follow a young boy, Michael Myers, around the house as he prepairs for some trick-or-treating.

Clown suit. clown mask. Big old kitchen knife... hey,... why a knife into the hand of this lovely boy?

Some minutes later, we watched the young Michael Myers brutally wounded his teenaged sister, Judith, with a butcher knife, into her bedroom. Horrible! We understood that this rotten kind had also murdered his parents... The innocent image of a lovely boy with an angel face has been replaced by a mad murderer. Finally arrested, he has been detained in Smith's Grove Sanitarium ever since, until one rainy October night, eighteen years later, he escapes and returns to his Haddonfield, bent on finishing the job.

The movie was so a success that there was continuation and several other movies that impulsed greatly the kind of horror movies during 1980's.

The soul of a savage and mad murderer living into the body of an innocent and wise child has made shivered millions of spectators around the world who reassured themselves at the end of the movie, telling: it is a fictious story, children are pure and innocent, mines in particular.

But did John Carpenter, the original producer and his follower, Rob Zombie, knew that their movies only anticipated a true storie that happened in France in 2004?

CITY OF ROUEN, France - Oct. 2004


Some days before the feast of Halloween, Pierre, a teenager of 14 years-old, lovely as an angel, killed his father, mother and brother and seriously wounded his sister. "It was on Tuesday, after lunch, myfather was at work. My mother went to the swimming pool with my small brother of 4 years-old and my sister. I was writing my school works when suddently the idea of killing my parents fused in me". Pierre took the gun of his father who used to hunt. Pierre go to the TV room and insert a VHS of the cartoon movie "Shrek" into the video reader, seat confortly into the armchair and went on watching the movie.

The killing scene took place between 3H00 and 5H30 pm. His mother and his little brother come back. Pierre shot two times against his mother. He drove his little brother, Louis, to the first stage where he gave him pencils for drawing. He waits for his sister. When she come back, he shots against her into the kitchen. After these events, he come back to the TV room and goes on watching "Shrek". His little brother shows and becomes to cry. Pierre shots and kills him.

His sister, Marion, that Pierre thinks as dead, was only injuried and succeeded to go to the bathroom where she discovers the corpse of her mother. Pierre goes on watching "Shrek". Finally his father entered after his journey, Pierre shots two times and killed him. Meanwhile, his sister, Marion, goes out and call for help neighbors. Pierre takes a bag, closes the house for going on his bicycle. He is arrested by the police forces at the little village of Cany-Barville and entrusted to psychiatric services.

After having related this drama, he said his mother disputed him a little.

The psychiatrists concluded that during the drama, Pierre suffered "of an important deterioration of his mental faculties" but not "of the abolition of his understanding". At the following day of the drama, October 26, 2004, the first comments of the attorney and the psychiatrists were revealed to the media:
The public attorney of Rouen, Josef Schmit, had tears to his eyes telling about the "inexplicable" and "terrifying" massacre performed by Pierre, that everyone regarded as a "nice fellow in a family without any problems". "Even, some spoke about him as an angel". "I never saw anything of similar in 31 years of frequentation of crimes", added Mr. Schmit.

For the psychiatrists, the boy in spite of his incomprehensible gesture appears healthy of spirit and does not understand himself why he acted in such a terrible way. The police investigators described him as nice and quiet, a little solitary perhaps, forming part of a family without problem.

Then, medical and police information stopped towards french media because of the young age of the boy.

CITY OF ROUEN, France - Nov. 2005

Pierre, parricidal child, 15 years-olds today, is detained in the jail of Rouen, at the juvenile jail section. His lawsuit began on Thursday November 24, 2005. He can be liable for 20 years of jail because of these terrible murders.. In front of the juvenile french court of Rouen, he cannot incur perpetuity in France, as a minor.

Despite her great suffering, his grand-mother told she will make all her possible in order he will be care after his period of jail.

In the small garden that is France, far away from horror movies, this horrible drama sounded like a paving stone in the pond.

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