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Called "The worst of the devils". Close to the persian demon, this name means "the one who kills".(the Book of Tobie)

This name traduced the one who is a liar and the one who denies that Jesus is the Christ, also every spirit that dissolved Jesus. (St John Epistles)

Devil living in the desert who receives yearly a "scapegoat" which carried symbolically the sins of Israel. (Leviticus)

Belial or Beliar:
In hebrew, this name means "good-for-nothing". He is called also "the Bad", "the Evil", "the Devil".(Deuteronomy, Espistle to Corinthians)

In hebrew, this name means "the Prince of devils". It comes from the name of Beel Zebub, philistine god, who was the "God of Flies". Beel Zebub was linked with the god, Baal, who protected the Semitic people. The Old Testament condemned these gods who become little by little the representation of the Great Bad and Devil.

The Beast:
Name given to the enemies of the People of God and then, designed the Great Bad. This name gets closer to "Behemot" and "Leviathan" who were the hebrew names of a mythic monster which represented the universal chaos and then, the negative forces. (Apocalypse)

From the greek name "daimon" which means genius. In Antiquity, this word traduced invisible powerfull intermediaries between the gods and human beings. The word of "demon" has been demonized by the Christians for translating in latin the hebrew names "shedim", and other words from the New Testament as "impure spirits" and "bad".

From the greek name "diabolos" which means separator i.e. "the Slanderer", "the Accuser". "Diabolos" is the inverse of "symbolos", the symbol which combines and groups. In Hebrew, Dialobos has been traduced in Shatan which means opponent... and so, was created the modern name of Satan. For the New Testament, the Devil is the Chief of the Demons.(Apocalypse)

They are the "impure spirits" which answer to the request during an exorcism.

In Latin, "the Carrier of Light". It is the latin translation of "the Star of Morning" (Venus). This name has been recovered by the Church for naming the devil. Refer to the page about Lucifer.

Famous character of the Opera "Faust" of Gounod, representing the Tempter with Faust, his victim.

Prince of Darkess:
Darkness by opposition of the Light. In reference to Vulcan, antic greek god, who was the prince of the underground world who forged iron into the dark.

Prince of this world:
The devil is characterized as the Prince of our terrestrial world, in opposition to the Great Beyond which is heavenly and luminous.

This name is linked to the hebrew word, Shatan. Set was adored as the representation of individual consciousness and the dark forces of nature (thunder, violence,...). Set was supposed to have killed his brother Osiris.

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