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GOD FACING FREEDOM Oct. 3rd, 2015 - Again a massacre happened in a school in the USA by a pshychopathe, Harper Chris Mercer, 26 years with the terrible sentence launched by the killer before killing his victims: "If you are a Christian, you will see God in a second."

Madness does not explain everything. With this event, we might wonder why God so often comes in the mouth of psychopaths ? Because this murderer who wants to associate the name of God to his crime is not the only one to call God as witness of his crime.

After the fall of the monarchy, many western nations rejected the religion which was too close to the state to avoid that the people went on to be subservient to dogmas and religious. In France, for example, after centuries of royalty and the Revolution of 1789, the people's representatives erased the religious representation from politics and power, then from school education creating secular schools. In Europe, in 1843, Karl Marx spoke of religion as "the opium of the people". The goal was to make men "free" thanks to secularism. Freedom was at its peak with the intellectual revolution of May 1968 which told: no more rules, no more barriers, down with constraints ... During decades, the secular teachers and masters together with some Freemasons brotherhoods were the spearheads of the secular doctrice synonymous with freedom, intellectual development, progress, well-being and ultimately, consumption and leisure. Catholics gradually deserted churches and preferred to the happiness after death, the earthly happiness that promised this new freedom.

A few decades later, we see that the secular societies seem to produce more psychopaths and disorders than others. It seems the contrary in Asia and specially in India where the Indian society seems to produce fewer serial killers than in the West.

This type of massacre which are recurrent in the west harm the dogma of secularism and freedom. But how is possible?

Some philosophers of the French left as Michel Clouscard (1928-2009) had already predicted in the 80s the excesses of the western modern society but it seems that nobody wanted to hear. He had made a detailed criticism of the excesses of freedom in the works: "Capitalism of the seduction: libertarian critique of social democracy" (1981) and "The wild beast metamorphosis of capitalist society and revolutionary strategy" (1983). According him, freedom is become at the service of capitalism, announced so the destruction of family, societal norms and fractionation of national identities. Freedom dreamed as perfect in the 19th century as absolute happiness became ultimately the freedom to consume. Consumption of goods and services, consumption of culture, consumption of relations, consumption of hearts and souls to the ... neurosis.

It is therefore quite normal that secular societies more libertarian than others produce more egocentric and manipulative personalities without emotions, without any sense of good and evil and having a great opinion of themselves. Because one did not forbid them anything, in return, they do not prohibit anything to themselves : they have understood since their childhood that anything is possible with little effort, and that it can be made a digression of any taboo and what not the crime? it's only another excitement... with as apotheosis, destruction as freedom to its climax, with life thereby becoming as exciting as a video play.

And as an horrible illustration, on oct.6th-15, here is a 11 year old boy who has been charged with murder in the US state of Tennessee after he shot and killed his neighbor, an eight year old girl because a dispute about her puppy...

- Once the religion promised a better future: one has little education, stresses and sufferings accepted in name of God, nation, society, family, love or caste duties.

--> Today, educated and intelligent, overinformed, the modern Western people have their senses constantly excited by orchestrated marketing and media buzz. In such conditions, why people may accept constraints while they think an easy life with little efforts is possible? Why even should they accept the constraint of love and family when it is so easy to consume sexual partners in a few clicks?

- Once, people gave up believing in God and priests because secularism and freemasons told that it was all lies and manipulation.

-->Today, that secular representatives have replaced the priests and try desperately to sell happiness for being elected, there is no change: there are always lying, handling and in addition, corruption. Certainly, there was also corruption once but people did not know!

Here is in a nutshell what produced the libertarian secular society: free men having already thrown over and among them, some ones are sicker than others. And facing them, libertarian societies are becoming paranoid and gradually liberticidal.

Well, three hundred years after the Age of Enlightenment, here is what has become the dream of freedom!

And to escape the neurosis, there is now a resurgence of religious stronger than ever. This is not surprising as it meets the vacuum that failed to fill the secularism. Because freedom does not lead to happiness, more and more people return to the beliefs of their ancestors who according their opinion, were serener, simply fully happy to live. Believing remains the foolish hope of an inner peace that freedom no longer offer.

Unfortunately, there will be always madmen who will want to kill that hope.

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