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FUTURE ACCORDING STONES Feb.17, 2013 - On feb 11th, Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation. On Feb 15, Debris from a meteor, streaked through the sky in Ural (Western Siberia) with a lot of damages and injuries for buildings and people. On Feb. 16, an earthquake of a magnitude 4.8 occurs at 90 miles southeast of the city of Roma in Italy with no injuries and damages but only fear among residents.

What interaction between these events that apparently have no connection between them?

Stones only, my little creatures, dream of stones.

As indicated in our report on April 2010 about the dust of the icelandic volcano, (see my previous report about VOLCANO) which was the prediction of dark horizons for the western countries it once darkened, these various events are simply connected because all, they symbolize "stone", that-is-to say the immutable and malleable matter which is at the beginning and the end of all things on earth and universe.

And indeed:
- Pope symbolizes the stone on which sits the church of Roma ("It is on this stone /Peter the Apostle/ that you'll build my church...").
- The meteor in Russia symbolizes the stone falling from the sky.
- The earthquake near Roma is the land awakening and a warning sign.

Symbolism is obvious : it is the end of an earthly cycle as well as that one of a very old spiritual land. The stones from the sky and the earth are throwing warnings. The "stone" is moving at Roma from a spiritual and physical point of view. In Ural, the meteor debris are pieces of earth unidentified coming from elsewhere that illuminates the part of a new territory previously in the dark (=ignored).

In the coming decades, the future summoned will illuminate two worlds: one spiritual and the other, temporal and changes will come into and from two poles: the Church of Roma (spiritual) and the Russian Country (temporal).

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