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MEDITATION ON THE HORRIBLE Jan.16, 2013 - Many people who think they have a "right thinking" turn away from the Horrible because it is common sense that the morbid interest is reserved for pubescent teenagers or whether, for some sexual or intellectual deviants. Well, these critics "politically correct" are wrong and they should update their knowledge rather than building themselves in sensors.

Indeed, in the Tibetan monasteries novices were used to practice, there is still not very long, in front of a grave, what their masters named "the meditation on the Horrible". The training was to visualize under any human being, the skeleton that he would inevitably become one day ; the skeleton being the symbol of death that every human being carries inside him in a latent power.

If the symbol of the skeleton is something acquired for many of our contemporaries, there is another method to get the most terrible complete control of the sexual instinct. It is advisable to mentally visualize the woman or man object of the sexual desire, with all the brilliance and charm, seated in the "lotus", face radiating on a dark background, then to view gradually his/her hips, legs, abdomen and genitals to be desired appearing as necrotic . You know we speak of necrosis within the framework of a corpse when putrificatied flesh starts gradually to blacken. On this flesh grow mushrooms glowing in the dark of a greenish light. Nails of the lover will be viewed very long because of their extensive post-mortem...

Viewing in such a manner your perfect lover allowed to bring the pleasures of the flesh at fair value. Meditation on the horrible allows to appreciate the impermanence of the physical beauty and the joys purely carnal. This type of meditation is very old and goes on to be practiced by holy men, not displease our modern societies that erected the politically correct as dogma and virtue.

And so, since Antiquity, it was used to paint "Vanities" (painting with a skull in its center) to symbolize the human impermanence. It was generally included in this type of painting a skull and various symbols, still lifes and allegories representing the inevitability of death, the futility of pleasure and the fragility of earthly goods. The "Vanities" also criticize the relativity of knowledge and the vanity of mankind. They were and still remain works of high moral, religious and philosophical values.

Since the end of World War II, modern civilization tends to build societies increasingly hygienists both on a moral and environmental point of view. A striking example: the Western civilization does not teach anymore to the younger generation to go to the cemetery for a free pray in front the grave of a relative... More and more, corpses are burn in funeral homes because it is hygienist and the deads are quickly forgotten as something unpleasant. The political correct induced little by little this behavior because western civilizations thought to protect people, but they have not yet realized that trying to erase everything related to the Horrible conduce to its own destruction by allowing the hatching of monsters, more and more numerous, senseless, without moral, thinking they are immortal...

By denying death, the "political correct" teachs people to deny life... forgetting that death teachs above all the relativity of life.

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